Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jaime Herrera: Three lies in one.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's Three Lies In One!


Herrera is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cathy McMorris Rogers/ Slade Gorton, Inc.

An SEIU supporter who voted for a horrific child care worker collective bargaining bill and then threw Senator Don Benton under a bus by lying when she falsely claimed he voted yes on the same bill, calling Herrera "independent" is like calling Stalin a democrat.


Sure. She's working so hard fund raising that others vote for her in her absence while she's off the floor making those "dialing for dollars" calls of hers.


Yup. If you're an SEIU thug, she's EXACTLY the one to call to help a leftist majority ram one of the components of YOUR agenda through! She was VERY "effective" doing that.

Yes... this is three lies in one.

If she was "independent," she wouldn't have done her Master's bidding by ditching me and the rest of her constituents in her "can't imagine doing any other job" district during session so she could go slurp at the special-interest, lobbyist trough McMorris and Gorton held up for her in DC.

If she was working hard for US, instead of working hard for HER, she would be doing all of her own VOTING, instead of bailing.

And if she was "effective," she actually would have got some sort of bill passed besides the "hand hold" bill that ALL new members get to teach them about the process.

The guy she replaced certainly did.

And now, she got hammered in the Chronline poll and the Columbian rightfully backhanded her when 60% of those responded questioned her "integrity" because she had been off the floor making fund raising calls while others voted in her place.

Not really all that comfortable, is it, Barbs?

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