Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summing up Herrera.

This little blurb was in the rag today:

Latino youth zero in on issues, involvement

Friday forum also lures congressional candidates

What about the proposed federal “Dream Act” that would grant temporary, six-year residency to immigrant children who finish two years of college or military service?

“I’m going to vote for that, and I’m going to vote proudly for it,” Heck told the group.

Students liked that response. Castillo said he’s against the act, while Herrera said she hasn’t read it yet

That's Jaime Herrera. Fail to take a position on an issue and use ignorance as her excuse.

Ridgefield Barbie at her finest.



  1. As I understand it, "I haven't read it yet" is politi-speak for "What are they talking about? I have no idea about that."

  2. Only a complete fool would attend a Hispanic forum and not have read up on one of the most issues they see.

    How can anyone seriously support this girl?

    And, McMorris Rodgers and Gorton think they can run her as a "young, female Latina?"

    What a total embarrassment she will be for the GOP should she gain the nomination.


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