Friday, June 25, 2010

So, the PDC sends out an email reminder to EVERY candidate today...

A few days ago, CCP filed a PDC complaint against Jon Russell.

Russell, best known for an abortive congressional campaign and working so diligently to screw up Washougal city government, isn't the most transparent campaigner you're ever going to see.

In fact, Russell has, to this point, filed manually in a deliberate effort to cover up his donations and expenditures, all the while knowing (and hence, all the while violating PDC law) that he would have expenditures in excess of $10,000.

That was complaint Number One of Five.

One of the immediate results of filing this complaint seems to be this:

Regardless, as of this writing, Russell chooses to continue to break the law while continuing to run an opaque campaign.

Oddly, I never believed that campaign laws were mere suggestions. Apparently, Russell, who, as chair of the Washougal Finance Committee oversaw every aspect of the Stacee Sellers debacle, doesn't agree.

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