Saturday, May 8, 2010

SEIU and Jaime Herrera: why doesn't it matter to her supporters?

Endorsements can have an impact if properly used in the political arena. Candidates can point to endorsements as something of a judgment as to their philosophy, their actions and their vision.

Herrera's supporters babble a great deal about the inside-baseball endorsements Herrera's trainer, Cathy McMorris Rogers, has arranged for her. They don't talk about Castillo's endorsement list, which is equal to or better than that of Ridgefield Barbie's. And they DELIBERATELY CHOOSE TO IGNORE THE MULTIPLE SEIU ENDORSEMENTS MADE OF HERRERA IN THE LAST ELECTION.

This is but a mere element of the rank hypocrisy of Herrera and her band of bleating sheep.

They call themselves "conservatives." If they are, in fact, that... then I am ashamed to call myself one.

How these people can willfully turn a blind eye to the MULTIPLE SEIU endorsements Herrera has put together in the past is just beyond me.

How these same people can ignore her co-sponsorship and support of SEIU legislation is just beyond me.

How these same people can ignore the fact that Herrera voted with such luminaries as fringe leftist Jim Moeller in ripping off the last $229 million from our emergency fund to help the democrats waste our money is just beyond me.

These issues are just a few of the reasons that no conservative should, or could, support this empty suited cardboard cutout for Congress.

That, for whatever the reason, these issues mean NOTHING to these so-called conservatives is simply beyond me, and so I would ask: if these obvious liberal aspects of Herrera make no impact on these "conservatives..." then what the hell does?

What would it take for these clowns to step back, take a deep breath, and realize that my cocker spaniel is more conservative then this waste of political skin?

Their dogged determination to turn a blind eye to the obvious liberal leanings of their hero has caused me to lose all respect for anyone who would be so gullible as to support this do-nothing pretender.

Yesterday they were bleating "Lies! Lies! Lies!" Of course, they couldn't say WHAT lies. Just that an email was going around with "Lies!"

One of the leading delusionists just told us via twitter: no, I don't much care about an endorsement in a run-away state leg race. who will SEIU endorse in #wa03?

This is an acknowledgement that records mean nothing. It's an acknowledgement that they are so wrapped up in this woman that SEIU endorsements DON'T MATTER. They do not CARE that her past support of SEIU likely will show FUTURE support of SEIU in Congress.

The problem with that is that we have to make a comparison of the candidates based on what we know.

All *I* need to know is that the SEIU has endorsed Herrera. She has co-sponsored and voted for their legislation in the House of Representatives HERE, and she has done it THIS YEAR.

Why these people think she won't do the same thing in DC is (stop me if you've heard this before) just beyond me.

Why these people don't care? Completely beyond me.

Why it doesn't matter to them as it matters to me? Totally beyond me.

ALL WE HAVE TO GO ON IS A RECORD. Herrera's record, brief as it is, sucks. And it's a record WORTHY of examination and, in this case, pointing out the OBVIOUS shortcomings of a true "Republican" as opposed to the RINO that is Herrera.

But it doesn't to Herrera supporters. Where is THEIR true allegiance? Is it to conservative causes and issues? Or is it to a party that doesn't give a damn who's elected, as long as they've got an "R" after their name?

The problem with that crap is that they've done that before during Castillo's robo call.

Their problem is that the robo call told God's Own Truth. But like Baghdad Bob,

Baghdad Bob: Herera supporter and tweeter.

Saddam's propaganda minister during the invasion of Iraq, there is no place for reality in their machinations...

and no lie Herrera supporters will not tell us, much like there is no fact Herrera supporters will ignore in their cult-like support of this career intern who lacks the experience, education, work history and life experiences that would remotely qualify her for election to dog catcher, let alone Congress.

And oh, the howls of outrage! The columns and tweets of condemnation!


Well THAT meant nothing to the Herrera Herd.

And that those people would lie about the robo call means they would pretty much lie about anything. You know... Like Herrera?

Someone once said "Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It." Apparently, the Herrera Herd has never heard that one before.

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  1. The problems with Herrera go well beyond just the SEIU bill vote, but that matters nothing to her followers.

    I simply cannot fathom the depth of worship these people have for her and do not want to hear anything but praise, even though speaks only in vague generalities and doesn't take firm stands on issues.

    No one defends her record, they just lash out and seem to have memorized, "Thou shalt not speak ill of Jaime Herrera."

    Of course, attacking and speaking ill of any other Republican is acceptible, just not Jaime.

    The only thing I can recall seeing close to it is the blind devotion placed at the feet of politikook Ron Paul.

    Even John F. Kennedy did not receive this depth of blind devotion and willingness to completely ignore her full voting record or lack of clear stands on important issues.


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