Monday, May 10, 2010

Fascinating comment by A "Winged Monkey for Nansen."

As I pointed out earlier, those gullible enough to support Ridgefield Barbie due so out of some sort of cult-like following that defies common sense... and reeks with hypocrisy.

There's something altogether bizarre about how otherwise seemingly intelligent people can fall for a snake oil salesman like Herrera for some completely indecipherable reason.

They go so far as to attack other candidates... while simultaneously whining and sniveling about Republicans attacking Republicans.

As an example of this type of underhanded, despicable behavior, I get a typically courageous response like this:
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You are writing utter rubbish about Nansen; I think you must have mental problems.
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(Anonymous) 5/9/10
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You see, this is the nature of the Nansen/Herrera supporter.

What I write is, in the mind of this moron, "utter rubbish."

They don't say HOW it's "utter rubbish," how it's wrong or inaccurate in any way (since it isn't) just that it's "utter rubbish."

And then, in their best "Alinski Rule 5" manner, claim that they "think (using the term in it's most advised sense, I'm sure) that you must have mental problems."

This kind of tripe sums up very neatly the kind of people Herrera surrounds herself with and the kind of people who drink Nansen's kool aid about that particular empty suit.

I have no problem at all with people foolish enough to disagree with me... when they bring something to the table besides denigration.

If what I wrote about Nansen is "utter rubbish," then have the testicular fortitude necessary to prove it.

Where, precisely, was I wrong about Nansen's drivel? Where was I wrong about her rank hypocrisy in her attacks against both David Castillo and FreedomWorks; an attack had it gone the OTHER way, FOR Herrera, would have seen her doing cartwheels... all under the bogus, "can't we all get along" crap cover she shills?

Disagree with me all you like. But I make my living off of politics, and I know Grade A, Pure Grade BS when I see it. Nansen's gross misrepresentation of the Armey email, her obvious, totally-bent-over-for-Herrera positions, her self-proclaimed position in the state GOP (3rd District "Chair," is it?) (Look, we all know she wants to be the state chair, but that will never happen beyond her wildest dreams) and, of course, the fact that Herrera is in the tank for both the SEIU AND the democrats, issues her supporter chose to ignore... all of those things seem to be based on a desire both for self-aggrandizement and some sort of job working for Barbs in the unfortunate event she gets elected to anything beyond dog catcher.

You see, unlike the commenter mentioned here, I list in excruciating detail each of Nansen's outright lies and misrepresentations. I show where Nansen left out the critical elements about the SEIU and the $229 million Herrera voted to help the democrats spend; issues that would cause any genuine conservative to reject Herrera out of hand; and where Nansen is not only wrong, but is deliberately attempting to manipulate the more uninformed and gullible into actually believing Herrera's whiny, sniveling victimization tour.

As the campaign heads towards the primary that will hopefully end Herrera's lackluster political career, it's easy to expect more of this kind of garbage from those supporting her.

But in the end, Herrera and her Hordes had better get used to me both being here and her hearing from me. I will oppose this cardboard-cutout fake-Republican until they bury me.

Attacking me?

Well, in the words of someone much higher up in the Chain of Command:




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