Monday, January 25, 2010

A FASCINATING look at Jaime Herrera from an Hispanic political site: NuestraVoice

You KNOW things are getting bad when such a "bright light" as our Jaime comes under THIS kind of scrutiny:

This brings us to Jaime Herrera the third minority candidate mentioned in the Politico article. Herrera is not missing like twenty-two of the other minority candidates but her fund raising figures are. Herrera’s website contains none of the usual bragging about how much cash she has raised or that presumably that the GOP house machine has raised for her. Another item noticeably missing from the Herrera’s’ website are any endorsements from Latino community leaders or Latino elected officials, odd for an incumbent State Senator that the GOP is touting as a banner carrier for diversity.
Odd, indeed.

They were wrong, of course, about labeling Herrera as a state senator;l we have one, and he ain't her.  The writer is also wrong that Herrera was "recruited."  She announced far too soon for that, long before Baird's political body was even cold.

And, of course, since the Politico plant was from interested parties back in DC, the article neglected to mention any other minority candidates running in the 3rd Congressional.

But it brings a somewhat different perspective to light and asks some rather pertinent questions.

Time, of course, will tell.  But if Herrera doesn't have a substantial fund-rasing lead when the numbers are released, then she's gonna have a lot of 'splanin' to do.

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