Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Once again, Jaime Herrera changes the story.

You know, it's got to be tough to be the local version of Barack Obama, experience-wise.

Herrera has proven she's no more qualified (or, apparently, mature enough) to be a member of Congress than she is to, well, be a state representative.

But the "how all this came about" story keeps changing, doesn't it?

First, she was being recruited for 6 months before she announced;
"The former aide to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) has been groomed for the seat, and WA Dems privately concede she'll be a tough candidate."
Perhaps in McMorris-Rogers' MIND she had been "groomed."

But.... how can that be? "Groomed?" Why, back at the appointment meeting with the commissioners, she look at them, batted her baby brown eyes, and TOLD them "there is not a job in the world I would rather have."

Now, if she says something like that, knowing she was being "groomed" for Congress, doesn't that make her a manipulative liar?

"Grooming" requires accomplishment. And except for what McMorris-Rogers has done by spoon-feeding her an appointment she was wholly unqualified to hold, what has Herrera accomplished?

Absolutely nothing.

And now? Well, now, the story is this:

Most political observers, and certainly those at the national level, started hearing Herrera’s name associated with the phrase “third district” immediately after Baird announced that he would not seek another term in Congress, and it was rumored she would jump into the race. But, she told me, she began thinking about running long before then—as early as the infamous “town hall” period last year. Herrera and her then-fiancĂ© (now husband), Dan, “were actually on our way to the town hall in Clark County that Brian Baird had had and I received a phone call from a constituent at the time—he’d left a message and said ‘I really think you need to take on Baird,’ and I shared it with my husband and we kind of smiled about it and went into the town hall.” Afterwards, she said, more of her constituents echoed that caller’s sentiments. Her initial reaction? “Well, I’m very happy with what I do, I love representing the people of the 18th district so this is not a decision I’m going to take lightly,” she thought, adding that she did begin talking to friends, family—and those that she represents. But, “when Brian Baird announced he was going to retire, that really escalated our decision-making process and we decided now is the time.” During our conversation, Herrera conceded to me that “It’s a big risk to do this,” but quickly added that she felt that it was a bigger risk not to run. “Quite frankly, the people of Southwest Washington don’t exactly fit with the views of Nancy Pelosi and the liberals that are running Congress and I’m tired of having our vote being cast to support that agenda. And so this is important enough to put everything on the line and to run.”
All of this is a crock. That is not to say that Liz Mair is misstating what she was told; on the contrary. Even her failure to mention McMorris-Rogers, without whom, none of this would be possible. Herrera actually wants people to think she's doing this on her own. That it was her decision, like anybody else... that she's not a rank political opportunist who wouldn't eat a bagel if McMorris-Rogers didn't tell her what kind and how to do ti.

Baird announced he was not going to run on December 9. Herrera announced that SAME DAY.

Of course, her handlers smacked her. Kids, as you know, can be so impetuous. So, on December 10th, an article came out saying that she was only "considering" a run.

Finally, on the 15th, getting McMorris-Rogers' approval and making sure that Vanderstoop was on board, she finally announced for the seat.

But she had NOT been "recruited," and, in fact, even though there is no doubt that McMorris-Rogers entire reason for parachuting her in over here was to position her for a congressional run, Herrera has managed to accomplish even less in the House than she did has a go-fer for M-R.

It was far too soon to run this babe in the woods who lacks any of the essential ingredients to be a Member of Congress, starting with integrity and character and moving to experience and guts.

And the story of the how of it continues to change. And before this is over, you can be sure it'll change again.

It's alleged hat Will Rogers once said that he hated to lie because it gave him too much to remember.

That's an anecdote that Jaime Herrera should write on her forehead with a magic marker so she never forgets it.

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