Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ryan Hart, Clark County GOP Chair, should resign.

I work on campaigns, and those who hire me know beyond any doubt that what I tell them is based on hard fact and analysis, unencumbered by partisanship.

When I say, for example, that I believe no Clark County democrat can win in the 3rd, that's not because I used to work in the position of this state's GOP Executive Director chair.

It is because I see the political landscape, review the bidding, see their massive vulnerabilities and determine that, when combined with the, to them, horrific damage to the democrat brand.... it makes it impossible for a Clark County democrat to win.... unless...

Unless the morons running the show on the GOP side screw it up.

Jaime Herrera seems to think she's been anointed to become our next member of Congress. She believes this because politically, everything she has, has been given to her on a silver platter. If Baird had stayed in, we'd have never heard of her in this race.

She's a tool. She's being used by others with an agenda, and she carries with her an infectious political disease. It's the disease of lies, exaggerations and misleading those she would represent into thinking she's been something she's not.  And as one of her constituents in the Legislature, I resent that she's campaigning on state time instead of representing ME and the tens of thousands of others in the 18th district in this crucial legislative session. I, in fact, resent that she didn't have the decency to resign so she could run full time and we could have full time representation in the House instead of what we have now... not that she ever accomplished anything while she WAS representing us full time.

I do not share the idea that Herrera is the second political coming. I can admire those pulling her strings; they perceive that GOP political power in this state is in a vacuum, and no one has stepped up to fill that vacuum. They believe they can, at minimum, become another king maker like Jennifer Dunn.... and at maximum, aspire to become president.

So, they rounded themselves up a pretty little empty-headed girl who they now lead by the nose in their quest to fulfill their agenda at the cost of quality representation to 700,000 plus people.  They pick out someone they believe they can control... someone shallow enough that they are absolutely sure they're not creating a monster... someone that, even if elected, will continue to do what she's told.

But the one thing they believe that requires is to set the table. And part of that is this experiment... this program to take a nobody and through force of charm and political corruption, begin to fill out the empty slots with their people.

It's a long term project. And so far, everything has gone according to plan because those who know better, those who should be concerned with providing us with the BEST representation, instead lay down on us and their duty to the people and engage in political expediency that has been dressed up in pretty little ribbons and bows.

I have yet to meet anyone who can explain to me what on earth makes them or anyone else actually believe that Jaime Herrera has done ANYTHING to merit such political consideration.

In that regard, it's Obama all over again.

It has gone so far as to cause an otherwise honorable county chair to make an endorsement in a primary, something completely forbidden and unacceptable... something that even the democrats won't do. And in this or any other case, any county chair endorsing in an open primary under any circumstance should resign from their position as county chair.

Then they can endorse away.

There is no way to dress this up.  Endorsing in the primary is an obvious conflict of interest, and obviously bad strategy that can divide the party infrastructure and slatther the appearance of favoritism over a political scene where none should exist.

And that's the nature of this go-along to get-along philosophy exhibited by the Herrera camp.

It's never been about representing the people. It's always been about positioning for Congress... proving she lied from the very beginning. But those with the short memories, don't care that she lied. They don't care that she's a "friend to organized labor." They don't care that she's voted to support SEIU bills. They don't care that she wasted taxpayer dollars for "meals," much like Stacey Sellers. They don't care that she's offended so many of us by likening her multiple internships and 10 year long absence to "military service."

Well.... I care.

I'm not concerned with Hart's early personal endorsement of an empty suit with no depth, accomplishment or experience (much like the moron elected to the presidency... and how many times do we need to do THAT before we wise up?) But I am concerned that Hart would put aside what he clearly knows to be his duty by endiorsing when he knows he must not... because he improperly promised he would.

I am not the only one arriving at this conclusion.  He's been hearing it.

But this is not the only problem.

As of this writing, we have no candidate to take out Steve "Corruption is my middle name" Stuart.  Why is that?

As of now, we have only one credible candidate running in the 17th District, while a regiment of has-beens and wannabees have lined up to run for Herrera's open seat on the GOP side... while one, and one candidate alone, has declared on the democrat side.

Why is that?  Why don't we have someone to take out Stuart, who suffers both from his brand, his verified corruption through being bought by David Barnett, his rabid support of a multi-billion dollar waste of money in the form of a bridge and loot rail, his desire to enslave 65,000 commuters and their families into paying $1300 per year just to go to work in Oregon, a state ripping them off with a multi-hundred million dollar per year income tax as it is?

Why is it that he hasn't exercised some leadership and judgment to cull the herd that threatens the loss of a seat through divisiveness and a lack of strategic vision?

Where's a monthly party newsletter? The democrats have one... free to download off their web site, along with archives. Where's our presense in social media? Facebook? MySpace? Twitter?

How is it that the democrats don't have this problem... and the GOP does?

It starts at the top.

And Hart should resign.

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  1. I had "heard" that Jaime placed Ryan's name on her endorsement list without checking with him prior and he was going to "discuss" that with her.

    I am disappointed to see his name still up there because as you say, Ryan is a straight up guy.

    Jaime showed me she isn't as "stand-up" as others when she posted her 2008 endorsements on her page to make it appear she had much more support than she actually does.


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