Saturday, January 23, 2010

Herrera votes to expand Insurance Commissioner's arbitrary powers.

In keeping with a political philosophy that makes her a "friend to organized labor," Jaime Herrera voted to expand the Insurance Commissioner's powers, working to enable him to arbitrarily set health care insurance rates.

Here's what Kreidler has to say about a bill increasing his authority at a time when we need LESS government authority and power... not more... particularly when that commissioner is infested with Bush Derangement Syndrome.
“Consumers who purchase their own health insurance can rest easier today knowing someone is watching over the shoulder of the health plans,” said Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler. “For eight years, anyone who purchased their own health insurance had to take the word of the health insurers on blind faith. Under the new law, consumers will know that someone took a careful look and made sure that the rate they’re charged is justified.”
How can Herrera support this expansion of government powers? How can Herrera weaken the private sector even more, while letting government bureaucrats interfere in the free market that is SUPPOSED to be the hallmark of conservatism?

If she will take such a vote here, why wouldn't she vote like this at the federal level?  How would she stand up to Pelosi's socialist health care agenda?

Given her support of ACORN/SEIU bills in the recent past, does anyone think that she represents the people and the true values of the 3rd Congressional District?

FINAL BILL REPORT    ESSB 5261   C 303 L 08

Synopsis as Enacted

Brief Description: Granting the insurance commissioner the authority to review individual health benefit plan rates.

Summary: The Insurance Commissioner may disapprove rates for the individual market if the rates are unreasonable in relation to the benefits provided.

(Guess who decides if they are 'unreasonable' rates? Doesn't this sound a lot like the authority Congress is trying to take over insurers?) Link to bill report:

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