Friday, January 29, 2010

Why Shannon Barnett is unfit for any elective office.

Well, it looks like Shannon Barnett has made it official: he's jumped in to the race to replace abysmal congressional candidate and Republican empty suit Jaime Herrera who bailed from the job she wanted so badly for one of those other jobs she "couldn't imagine" having in 2 brief years.... the congressional slot she was parachuted in here to grab from the getgo.

It was a corrupt process involving a local county commissioner and Cathy McMorris-Rogers that led to including Herrera in the first place.

My pet cocker spaniel, who announced for Congress on the 15th of December, had more time as a resident of the 18th District than Herrera, who had not lived in the district for the prior 10 plus years before her appointment and who, literally, knew absolutely nothing about the issues confronting us before the rigged process led to her appointment.

And now, we discover that Shannon Barnett was not only an empty suit supporter, but that he was, in his mind, anyway; a critical element in the corrupt process that rammed this clueless dilettante down our throats, BRAGGING about it as part of HIS candidacy announcement!

County chairs have a unique role to play in local politics, particularly in what amounts to "primary" type situations. They are, under any shape or form, specifically forbidden by the tenets of their office from interfering with, or endorsing, any one's candidacy in such a situation.

They know this. Such conduct is unethical at best, and despicable at worst. This is why I continue to call for Ryan Hart's resignation; he has endorsed the simple idiot that is Jaime Herrera for the congressional seat early in the primary season and he has done so KNOWING that taking that step is improper and violates his unique and fair position as chair of the county party.

In this instance, the same standard applied to Shannon Barnett; who, although he lacked the character and integrity needed to complete his term as Cowlitz County Republican Party Chair; was the Chair at the time of the appointment.

His take, from his own campaign announcement?
No stranger to the political scene in SW Washington, Barnett has volunteered a great deal of time and energy over the years to promote common sense conservative values. Barnett started at the grass roots level as a Precinct Committee Officer, and has evolved into more extensive roles where he has served as Chairman of the Cowlitz County Republican Party, and Chaired many campaigns within the district. Barnett has served as a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) and as PCO Coordinator in Cowlitz County where he coordinated the PCO process that led to the appointment of Jaime Herrera to the 18th District House of Representatives seat Barnett now seeks election to.
No deal there, eh? No.... "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours," right?

As a county chair, Barnett had no right to act as a tool for someone HE liked or, apparently, had made some sort of deal with. His job was to stay out of it and allow the process to take its course based on the merits of the candidates involved... not the candidate he had made a deal with.

As a result, Barnett is certainly not fit to hold any elective office, particularly representing ME. He should withdraw his candidacy and do it now. Otherwise, he's got some quite embarrassing explaining to do.

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