Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Revisionist history on Ridgefield Barbie's Wiki.

Look, we've all heard the crap, the exaggerations, the overblown resume' of our very own Congressional empty suit, Jamie Herrera.

So, I suppose it should be no surprise that she tries to plug the huge holes in her empty resume' by making something out of her multi-week gigs as a gofer in the state senate and the White House.

But her continued insistence on lying about her nonsensical claim that she was a SENIOR Legislative Aide to Meddler McMorris, the woman who slammed the empty suit together out of spare parts and had her planted here after a decade-long plus absence so she could run against Baird for Congress is puzzling indeed.

Herrera was never a "Senior Legislative Aide." Every time she said she was is just another instance of her overblown sense of self-importance.

Now, I really don't give a damn that she was just another low-ranking office flunky. That she hung around the Longworth or whatever doesn't make her any more qualified to be in Congress then the fact that my Spaniel can chew on a bone qualifies him to be a rancher.

But it is a troubling mental issue that requires individuals to lie about their background to pump up their sense of importance... a trait shared by Jon Russell, come to think about it, famous for lying about his background.

So why does she keep doing it?

Who knows?

The other bit of revisionism is this tidbit:
Herrera moved back to the 18th legislative district, and was appointed to the Washington House of Representatives in 2007 to replace former Rep. Richard Curtis, who resigned amid a sex scandal.

Words, of course, have meaning. And these words represent a lie... not so much that they didn't happen, but that they didn't happen in that order.

Barbie had been gone for over 10 years. She knew nothing about the issues confronting us in the district. She got the job because McMorris made a deal with my brother-in-law, Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt, who's had it bad for McMorris since our days in the Legislature together.

Without Boldt, there would be no Barbie.

But the FACT is this: She got the appointment... only THEN did she move back here... because if she had NOT gotten the gig handed to her on a silver platter as a result of the deal, then she would have continued to work on McMorris's staff... getting McMorris her morning danish with coffee, two sugars or whatever.

Now, I can see her actually wanting people to believe she had lived here... at least awhile, before she scammed an appointment that she didn't deserve and lied about from the getgo. (What is it she said, lying to the commissioners? Oh yeah... something like this:

Every step I have taken since high school has been preparing me for this. There is not a job in the world I would rather have.”

Lightning should have struck her dead on the spot for lying so blatantly, because seconds later, what do we have?

The fact that she didn't take any real steps... never held a private sector job, never owned a business or a house... you know, the kinds of steps that would tend to put her in touch with us common folk? That kind of thing?)

So, what do you do? You mislead. You exaggerate.

You lie.

You know. Kinda like Herrera's Wiki?

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