Sunday, February 13, 2011

Did anyone catch Ridgefield Barbie's speech at CPAC? What's that? She wasn't invited? COL West ROCKS THE HOUSE!

When you've got a girl playing big shot Congresswoman... and you compare her to a member of Congress who is everything she isn't... you can cringe at the differences.

She never served her country. She never ran a business or held a job in the private sector. She's never taken a position that can be ferreted out, save a position to co-sponsor SEIU legislation and help the democrats strip out the last of our emergency fund.

THOSE are positions she's taken.

Now, she straddles the fence in painful ways to avoid taking positions on the issues that confront us with an immediacy that is striking in their impacts.

Babs, do you support or oppose wasting billions to replace a serviceable bridge so we can get the curse of loot rail into our community?

Babs, do you support or oppose the organized criminal enterprise known as the Mohegan/Paskenta/Cowlitz/Barnett megacasino?

Babs, do you support or oppose the constitutional amendment to end the right to U.S. citizenship now held by everybody born in the United States?

These are simple questions. They require simple answers... like "yes," or "no."

Can you even begin to imagine a warrior like Rep. West failing to take a position on these, or any other, issues?

I can't, either. And while we do not deserve BETTER representation then COL West, we don't deserve worse, either.

And "worse" is what we've got.

While OUR freshman congressmember disappears from the national scene with her empty-suited ineptitude, another freshman's meteoric rise continues unabated.

Here is Rep. Allen West (R-FL22) giving the keynote at CPAC (He starts at about the 8 minute mark. CSpan cut him off shortly before the end of his speech.)


No where to be seen.

If only we had an Allen West representing us...

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  1. Does Jaime Butler answer to our district or simply vote with Cathy Rogers?

  2. McMorris owns her like the 13th Amendment wasn't ratified. Herrera would go to the ladies room w/o McMorris's permission.


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