Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The democratian's unseemly affair with Herrera: get a hotel room, already.

Man, the local rag has fallen for her as hard as if she was a fringe-left democrat instead of a more moderate RINO.

The democratian, best known for shilling leftists, supporting city lawsuits against constituents and psychopathic lies about the increasingly criminal I-5 Bridge/loot rail project, has completely gone off the deep end over Ridgefield Barbie.

I had no idea her attributes would cause presumably otherwise sane males to lose their collective minds. The most recent of many examples? Their drivel over Herrera's letter to Interior. The letter was a politically brilliantly piece of work which said, effectively and in real terms, absolutely nothing. Barbie contributed her signature to it, which resulted in a great deal of Sturm and drang but little else when it comes to Interior's Cowlitz Casino scam.

I call it "brilliantly written" knowing what the rag, apparently, does not: that SHE didn't write it. Thus, I spit up all over my keyboard when this pig slop hit the screen:

The Congressional rookie wrote like a seasoned veteran about other troubling aspects of the BIA decision:

Are those shilling for a bridge we don't need and can't afford so ignorant about Congress and it's internal workings that they actually think that empty suit did ANYTHING with this letter? Except possibly... and ONLY possibly, read it?

As I pointed out before the rag ever heard of this worthless effort:

The beauty of this scam is that people will read into this letter whatever they like. The more ignorant, who lack either experience or understanding of this oh-so-sincere non-response will believe she opposes the mega casino. She asks what seems like tough questions as the crusading young congresswoman, demanding answers.... except for one thing: there's no "Or else."

Herrera sat on her wide-glide keister for 3 years in office up here, and we rarely heard a peep out of her on this issue. This crap pile has been intended to be built in what was HER district. And she's just now getting around to asking these questions or making these noises?

It reads like it was written by a "seasoned veteran" because it WAS written by a seasoned veteran, which means Herrera, once again, had nothing to do with it and is doing what she's told.

And in the end, the letter is meaningless, start to finish, since the local empty suit's "concern" does not in any way equate to "opposition."

Because for Barbie to oppose this... or to support this, for that matter, she would have to take a position. You know, like a courageous grown up? Like an adult?

And so far, for the most part, she has shown herself genetically incapable of doing that.

So now, we have a letter. And if the tribe starts yammering at her, she can truthfully say "There's nothing in that letter that says I oppose the casino."

And the useful idiots around her can continue to laud her as if she's doing ANYTHING for us instead of her Master, Cathy McMorris, the one that made this nightmare all possible.

Meanwhile, those shilling this crap from the democratian? Get a hotel room. It would be less embarrassing.

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