Sunday, February 6, 2011

The democratian's press affair with Herrera.

A friend's wife said: first on her to-do list should be to get an eye-lift and a fashion consult: greens and browns are not her friend.

Reading this morning's self-serving pap about the "I haven't been given a position yet by McMorris, so I'm not going to take any" Empty Suit from the 3rd has me mystified.

In every other respect, the democratian lives up to it's name.

Massive over-endorsement of fringe leftists? Check.

Lies about fringe left union reward projects we don't want, need or can afford? Check.

No concern about 65,000 families paying their extortion each time they cross the bridge to go to work? Check

Major lies and propaganda about the completely unnecessary loot rail they shill every chance they get? Check.

So why is it they write about the simple-minded McMorris sock-puppet like she was paying them?

Why is it they continually fail to hold her up to the critical examination they seem to thrive on when it comes to anyone else to the right of Lenin?

Why is it that they continue to give her pass after pass on her failure to oppose the megacasino, or even to take a position on it one way or the other?

Why is they allow her to come in here and posture like she would ever DARE to vote in any way except the way McMorris, who owns her like the 13th Amendment and the Emancipation Proclamation never happened, tells her to?

Anyone familiar with her Frankenstein-like construction knows that she's going to vote the way McMorris orders her to 99.5% of the time... I mean, do you people actually believe that McMorris built Ridgefield Barbie and unleashed her on the mostly unsuspecting of the 3rd District out of some altruistic sense of doing the right thing? Seriously?

Based on her political history, in the far distant future when Herrera finally leaves this mortal coil, expect her tombstone to say something like this:

"Declining to do so during the entirety of her political life, Herrera finally took a position."

That she can play the local rag like a violin is astounding. That they softball her like she was a 6 year old runner up in a beauty pageant is astounding in the face of how they worked so hard to crucify Peter Van Nortwick, Brent Boger, Don Benton and, well, me.

Besides lying to us for years over the loot rail requirement on the CRC, the democratian delights in burying most republicans in the mud when they're opposed to their agenda. Of course, there is a possibility that they're afraid of Barbie, in that if they actually anger her, Her Arroganceness might actually work to kill the bridge... and these clowns would kill their own mothers before they'd kill the bridge... or support anyone actively working to do that very thing.

The money quote in this shlock?

She declined to say how she would vote on a constitutional amendment to end the right to U.S. citizenship now held by everybody born in the United States. Her father, Armando Herrera, is of Mexican descent.

She "declined to say," which is a more polite way of telling us she "refused to say" which is a factual way of telling us, her constituents, that "I don't want you to know how I'm going to vote... why is it any of your business?"

But her worthless political career is replete with "she declined to says," and "She declined to take a position" observations.

As a result of her multiple failures to have or show any guts (Do you believe for one second that COL West would "decline to say" on ANY position our warrior congressman from Florida actually has?) she just wants to avoid any hassle before she votes "no."

And this, perhaps, sums it up best of all:

Although she’s clearly in the Republican mainstream, it appears that Herrera Beutler has not fully immersed herself in the partisan fervor of the nation’s capital. Though she attended President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech on Jan. 25, she didn’t watch the televised GOP responses to the president’s speech.

Durbin's bizarre editorializing aside (She's clearly NOT in the Republican mainstream to anyone but Mainstream Republicans. To the rest of us who know and despise her, she's a RINO thru and thru) that Herrera's only purpose that day was to act like a democrat/Obama groupie is hard to deny.

That she didn't bother to watch her leadership's response to Obama's propagandizing?

Not surprising at all. After all, why should she pretend to presume to know?

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