Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When they're right... they're right: Herrera is a "health care hypocrite."

Earlier, I challenged Ridgefield Barbie to put talk into action.

Since her arrival back here after her decade-plus absence in the carefully choreographed dance and, well, conspiracy, that resulted in the election of the emptiest suit in Congress, Herrera has yet to show vision, courage, or integrity.

Even now, she fails... on a daily basis... to take positions on the issues confronting us, or to act in our best interests against those who own her like she was black and this was 1856.

So far, her tenure has been utterly predictable. Unfortunately for those of us she "represents," as I suspect, the person she actually represents is the one who really built her... Cathy McMorris.

As McMorris's puppet, she blew off taking her married name until it became politically tenable, and used her half-hispanic heritage as if it were a reason to elect her... when, of course, such covert racism is absolutely unsupportable.

Well, as I suspected, Babs is in this only for her self. The idea that she would show integrity like Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Illinois) and turn down the "gold plated government-sponsored health insurance plan" is as unlikely for Barbie as showing intelligence, understanding, knowledge or actual concern for these she is SUPPOSED to represent.

Well, the democrats are nailing her for her obvious hypocrisy. And I am much more concerned about truth then I am party.

In the few minutes she actually met with constituents in Longview last night, the following exchange too place, according to TDN.COM

But Gary Bruner of Battle Ground stood and said his daughter was denied health coverage until now because of a pre-existing condition. He said his daughter is healthy and athletic and takes no medication, yet insurance companies wouldn't cover her until the health care reform law went into effect.

Bruner said that when he called Herrera Beutler's Capitol office to discuss the matter, a staffer hung up on him. "Do you not want to hear from people unless they agree with you 100 percent?" Bruner asked the Congresswoman.

"I have no explanation for why someone hung up on you," Herrera Beutler (How about, "the fish rots from the head down?) responded, adding that her staff knows she "would be very upset" if she learned of such treatment of a constituent.

"I don't have all the answers," Herrera Beutler said. "I want to hear both the good and the bad, regardless of whether we agree on the issues.

Barbie is SUCH a kidder.

Her staff projects a mirror image of Her Worthlessness.

The article detailing her hypocrisy is here.

But really... based on who she is and what she's "done," did we expect anything better or different?

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  1. Don't feel bad! We have a few in our surrounding states as well.

    I assume by 2012 they will be gone.


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