Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Question for our esteemed congress-critter: the campaign is over.... has McMorris given you your position on the megacasino yet?

The people of the 3rd District of Washington have been cursed with an empty suited, kinda representative, who must wear the yoke of her Master's Voice (Cathy McMorris) without whom no one would have heard of Herrera and because of whom, Herrera is as owned as if Mr. Lincoln had skipped the Emancipation Proclamation.

It's not like you don't know what's going on here... because you do.

Unlike the complete ignorance you displayed to the commissioners who were manipulated into selecting you over the two other quality candidates for state representative, either of whom... and, come to think of it, one of whom who has already put the entirety of your sorry tenure of 3 years to shame in the 1 month she's been in office... could have done a much better job; you presumably have a clue about the Mohegan/Paskenta/Cowlitz/Barnett Megacasino that has been approved for YOUR district.

So tell me... has McMorris hammered out your position, yet?

I mean, look... after your "me, too" name game, where you failed to use any imagination on how to deal with your husband as anything but a fashion accessory, so you do the exact same thing as McMorris, and proceed to bury your one/half hispanic heritage behind his name... and the fact that you couldn't seem to find any reason to criticise your predecessor, I was just wondering if McMorris had told you what your position on the Casino is going to be.

Because you damned sure lack the courage, the knowledge, the care or concern to have one on your own after Brian Baird so skillfully blew off any substantive position on that issue.

Here, for once, I can admire the actions in the most recent election of a hardcore leftist, Sen. Diana Feinstein (D-Kali-fornia) who single-handedly stopped the reservation shopping efforts of a tribe in her state while killing the Carceiri Fix... which the White House then proceeded to ignore while dumping this in your lap.

I can see the triangulation on this issue now:

"Hey, neither Murray nor Cantwell go to the Ladies Room without tribal permission, and that Herrera girl is a joke. Let's find a way to dump this all on her... because we KNOW what HER 'position' is going to be."

Or something like that.

So, surprise us, Barbie.

Take a position. Fight for us. Do the right thing. Try to remember: as much as you admired Brian Baird, if we had wanted him, we'd have voted for him... so stop being him.

Or do what I believe you will do: curl up in a corner, crying and whining... because your boss won't let you show some guts... and the deafening silence from your office is kinda comforting to you.

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