Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Bellevue Mafia/McMorris Wars against Kirby Wilbur continue unabated.

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McMorris and her winged monkey, Ridgefield Barbie, along with the rest of the Bellevue Mafia continue in their efforts to get rid of Kirby Wilbur and install their own guy, the wishes of the state committee be damned.

You know, I frequently used to wonder why Washington State was so deeply and darkly blue, until I got up there and served in the position of State Republican Executive Director. Then, over a short time, it became clear.

To the lay man, the purpose of the state Republican organization is to get Republicans elected.

After all, isn't that the reason for almost any political organization? To get those they ostensibly represent elected to office?

I've got to tell you... if the GOP in this state worked half as hard... hell, a quarter as hard at getting people elected as they do sticking a shiv in the back of those they disagree with, we'd be as red as Idaho when it comes to a state political party.

The full court press is on from McMorris, Babs and their staffs, along with those who work to control the GOP behind the scenes.

They are as corrupting an influence, using tactics and efforts not unlike their namesake, the REAL Mafia, as any organized crime group known to man.

Wilbur must prevail here, or the entire purpose of the State Committee becomes worthless and a sham.

It is to our everlasting shame that we've elected what amounts to be scum like McMorris and Herrera. They have no purpose, save their own power, and they represent the absolute worst this country has to offer at a time when we need the best to lead us out of the pit of vituperation we've been led into.

McMorris's corruptive influence was felt here when she parachuted that empty suit in here to run for Congress. And we now have McMorris's sock puppet representing us... and McMorris... in Congress... as sickening a political thought as any I've entertained.

But for now, the battle rages behind the scenes, has it has done before, with people of small minds and self indulgence, any thought of sacrifice or dirty hands a long, distant memory... if ever thought of at all... much like many here in the local party, come to think of it.

But this seems to be how business is done.

Hopefully, Wilbur will ignore the efforts of the slime and mud, go directly to the state committee, and get the support he needs in a way that the spineless EBoard can't ignore.

Because if he doesn't... then his tenure will be even more of a living hell then mine. And once again, in 2012... our golden opportunity will be pissed away because of the worthlessness of the state and local county organization.

The leadership of the party will continue to keep this state in the deep, dark, blue column as long as they insist on serving only themselves instead of serving the party they are SUPPOSED to be there to serve. Again... like many at the local level, come to think of it.

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