Friday, January 28, 2011

Night of the Long Knives 2: McMorris and her puppet, Herrera, are coming after Wilbur

As I indicated when McMorris built Herrera, Ridgefield Barbie would do only and precisely what McMorris told her to do... and as a result, this district has precisely zero congressional representation that McMorris won't allow... if Babs wants to have an opinion, CMR will give her one.

I've also mentioned in the past that McMorris wants to be president some day, in the worst way.

And if she ever pulls that off, rest assured... it WILL be in the worst way.

In the interim, McMorris is doing all she can to fill the political vacuum here in Washington, left by the first departure, and then death of Jennifer Dunn. With the help of the Bellevue Mafia, she is doing everything she can to become Dunn's political clone.

Sources I know and trust are telling me that the Bobbsey Twins, McMorris and her puppet Barbie, are doing all they can to effectively neuter Kirby Wilbur, to include stopping Wilbur's choice for Executive Director.

I've heard, but do not yet have permission to release, details of the efforts of the Executive Board to go after Wilbur in such a way that he would only have an almost ceremonial role in running the state party... and that the steps they're taking would never have been considered had Luke Esser managed to hang on for another term.

On the evening he was elected, I urged Wibur to get his political kevlar on. Kirby needs to bypass the EBoard and go directly to the state committee if he is to have any hope of surviving all of this.

So, there you have it. Wilbur's back looks like a knife target as the Bellevue Mafia seeks to eliminate him in favor of their, and McMorris's, agenda and choice.

No one pays any attention to Herrera because they see her as what she is: a joke. She's McMorris's sock puppet however, although a not particularly intelligent one: that's why her all of two town hall meetings are going to be so short: The less she can talk, the less she can come across like she did during the campaign... an idiot.

That said, there's much more happening behind the scenes. And when I hear it, you're gonna hear it as well.

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