Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ridgefield Barbie's latest set of blinders.

My guess is that Babs has written me out of her will. But that's just a guess.

Just today, an entry on the WSRP Facebook page popped up. It was Herrera's usual babble.

"I did this, I picked blueberries... I scammed an appointment (nothing, of course, about her 11 year absence before the appointment or the conspiracy between Cathy McMorris and Marc Boldt that got her the gig...) but maybe it's progress that she left out her "Senior Legislative Assistant" lie.

But what's REALLY catchy is that she wasted fully 1/4 of her self-serving pap posting this:

Let me translate:

If you don't kiss my ring in any comment you might write about me... if you disagree with me about anything... if you believe that I'm unqualified... or that I'm an embarrassment to both Congress and this country... well, don't you dare write that here on my Facebook entry because I'm a little girl and I can't take it.

I bet COL West doesn't have any moronic notice like that. But then, he's already served something much bigger than himself... unlike Barbie.

God help us that we've got such a total wuss allegedly representing us.

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