Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why would Hedrick and Herrera be at the same meet and greet.... now?

Yesterday, I suggested that David Hedrick produce the real owners of the web site "" to put the idea that he, in fact, owns the web site totally to bed.

There was no response to that as I expected.

Now, we have a history with Ridgefield Barbie, where one of her Winged Monkeys made the offer to pay Chris Boyd's filing fee if he would just stay in the race (Right, Nan?) and then, we connect another dot and see where Babs and Hedrick are making a joint appearance at the Capitol of Kool Aid, Cowlitz GOP Headquarters.

Doesn't that seem just the tiniest bit.... well.... odd?

Why would Hedrick, who, in his world, has presented himself on radio ads as the "leading Republican candidate" in the 3rd CD, want to spend any quality time in public with the empty suit?

As usual, Lew Waters drills down to the sub-atomic level and asks the questions that both of them should be answering:

Herrera & Hedrick Primary Victory Party, 12 Days Before the Primary?

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  1. "Doesn't that seem just the tiniest bit.... well.... odd?"

    NO, seems like corruption to me. Is this a part of the fair playing feild I was told about?


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