Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who I voted against.

Well the first ones were easy. I'd dive face first into a vat of boiling hydrochloric acid before I'd vote for Ridgefield Barbie or Jon "No Traction" Russell.

For senate, it was tough, but the coin flip determined that GoodSpaceGuy gets the nod (The other choice was "Mike the Mover" but he doesn't stand a chance. heh.)

For Congress, I voted against the empty suit and Hedrick. The military issue was just too big to overcome. And while I haven't yet received confirmation of anything (ahhh, bureaucracy) the web site and DD 214 issue were just too much for me to get past. Jaime Herrera Watch explains the dozens of reasons to vote against the political waste of skin foisted on us by Cathy McMorris, who doesn't even live here.

In the 18th, I voted against Russell and Bittner and Carson. Jon Russell Watch lays out the 100 or so reasons to keep Russell from getting elected to anything; Bittner is a disgrace to the electoral process, and Carson just flipped out in a despicable effort to gain attention for himself.

For judges/justices: I voted against "democrat party endorsed" Wiggins, Chushcoff, Rumbaugh and Johanson

For County Commissioner, I voted against Steve "I can be bought if the price is right" Stuart. As a wholly owned tribal subsidiary, voting against Stuart was an easy choice.

For Assessor, I voted against Weaver and Horowitz. Neither are remotely qualified.

For Prosecutor, I voted against Golik. He's a union thug, supported by union thugs, and unfit to de-weed the Padden Parkway, electorally speaking.

For Clerk, I voted against Parker, since she's also a union thug and has no problem breaking the law with her campaign signs.

For Treasurer, I voted against the democrat.

While it sucks for the local GOP, there's a major likelihood that I'll be the next PCO from this precinct. And I do so look forward to reorg this December.

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  1. This 3rd Congressional Race was a real eye opener for me. A so called Marine, threw a fellow Vet under the bus, more than once, with outright lies, he stated on the Victoria Taft show. Does anyone remember that he confronted Brian Baird? Yeah, right. So he endorsed an establishment candidate that is the mirror image of Brian Baird, not the clear Conservative. So exactly what did Hedrick stand for? This man does not have any moral fiber in him. It became clear when he resurfaced that he had made some sort of deal with several factions. He is sandwiched between the Herrera camp, and "Campaign for Liberty". Campaign for Liberty was played like a cheap violin, nothing more than used by Hedrick and Herrera.

    The GOP? As guilty as slime on an infection. I too will help the Herrera campaign as much as Anna Miller and the GOP helped Castillo. Mostly with senior moments. ;)

    I am more than happy to say, that I part ways with the good old girl GOP here in Vancouver. I am a solid Conservative. The GOP nor anyone else has what it takes to change this old gal.

    The Bible story shows that when it came down to the wire, who stood for Jesus? No one. Jesus himself said, what they have done to me, they will do to you also.

    Mostly I am upset with lies of a level playing field. The filthy slimy tactics that this GOP never addressed as far as two of their candidates. (Herrera and Hedrick) While at the same time trying to force an apology from Castillo for something he had nothing to do with.

    Campaign for Liberty, will eat this GOP alive when the time is right.

    Once again, I have a free and clear conscience and can rightfully say I am not a Christian. BUT I will still defend David Castillo, still vote for him. He is still the only decent Conservative candidate we have.

  2. Oh and just for the record. Herrera will lose to Denny Heck, and when she does, put the blame where is squarely belongs. The GOP is as guilty as sin. Your favorite will lose. The SEIU will not be able to save her. Campaign for Liberty will NOT back her. Herrera is not a Conservative.


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