Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Herrera Kool Aid drinker Nan Malin has lost her mind: Calls Sen. Benton a liar.

You know, there's a reason why the GOP in Pacific County is so utterly worthless. And I think I just discovered why.

Nan Malin is chair of the Pacific County GOP, a pathetic chair of a deep, dark, blue county where, under her inept, nonexistent leadership, Malin has managed to put together such a pathetic political organization that not a single, solitary Republican filed to run for ANY elected position in this county.

Malin seems to have a tremendous amount of time to flitter about the state for the greater glory of Nan, when she SHOULD be staying home and doing something to at least get SOMEONE from the GOP to run for SOMETHING.

Instead, the simple idiot lies about a letter from a sitting state senator who has served us for the last 16 years.

Malin's lies about HB 1329, the SEIU legislation co-sponsored by Herrera that would have not only forced daycare workers into unions but then, according to Herrera, force the daycare owners to pay their union dues, clearly are from a kool-aid drinking idiot looking for a post-election job working for Herrera.

Herrera helped the democrats waste the last $229 million dollars from the state emergency fund, burying any "fiscal conservatism" cred Malin is desperately trying to get for the empty suit.

Herrera got 60 percent in a district where almost anyone gets 60%. To acclaim that as some sort of accomplishment just goes to either prove Malin's massive ignorance about the 18th and yet another Herrera stroke designed to move her, Malin, who sees herself as a legend in her own mind, up the political ladder.

That a lame, inept, incompetent organization like the Pacific County GOP "unanimously endorsed" Herrera is reason enough to vote for anyone else.


Malin knows this... but Malin doesn't care.

Her letter and her words, lying as they did, was a despicable act of an incompetent clown of a county GOP chair who seems much more fixated on issues outside her county then in it. And the fact that precisely zero Republicans are running in Pacific County condemns her far more than anything I can write.

In the email below, excusing her efforts to get Herrera then Pacific County GOP endorsements (as if that ever mattered) Malin made this clear:
I am also aware that you feel I am working against Castillo. - which is not true. as I have done much to help him garner press both nationally and locally.
Well, it looks like you are now, doesn't it? Angling for a job? What did Herrera promise you?

When the Pacific County GOP drank Herrera's kool aid, for whatever the reason, Malin felt compelled to email me:

----- Original Message -----

From: Nansen P Malin

To: Blocked

Cc: Blocked

Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2010 7:56 PM

Subject: pacific gop convention

Dear ,

I wanted to personally let you know what happened at our county convention this weekend. The press release is below, but short version is that the county gave a pre-primary endorsement to Jaime Herrera. I want to tell you that I spoke against giving this. but the county grassroots were very strong in their opinion. They have had opportunities to listen to the candidates and to speak to them individually. Further I told them that I will help all Republican candidates, they said "fine, go ahead." I am also aware that you feel I am working against Castillo. - which is not true. as I have done much to help him garner press both nationally and locally. I would like you to know -the Castillo campaign. blew our convention off. We never heard from them.

I know that we have some differences in opinion and differences in how we express those opinions on line. I want you to know that I respect and appreciate you. I hope we will not take shots at each other - and, I also hope you will focus on beating up Heck and democrats. If you want to talk with me about things, please call 360.244.xxxx. My skype is nansen.xxxxxx


Pacific County GOP elects state convention delegates and endorses Herrera for Congress.

Seaview. The Pacific County Republicans held their convention in Seaview on Saturday, March 17. An unprecedented number of grassroots and teaparty activists participated as delegates, having been elected through the caucuses last February 13. The first order of business was to elect delegates to represent Pacific County to the State Republican convention to be held in Vancouver in June. Elected were Jean Harrington, Daniel Turner, Bill Nickila and Jack Smith, in addition to county leadership Nansen Malin, Karla Webber and Brett Malin. The official delegates to the State Convention will be voting on the State Party Platform, attending workshops, events, a campaign school and hearing speeches by Mitt Romney and noted author Michelle Malkin.

A very lively debate took place during the county platform discussion. Delegates holding differing opinions passionately presented their thoughts on key planks in the county party platform. After much consideration, consensus was reached and the official county party platform was adopted. It will be available on the party website www.pacificgop.com.

After a discussion weighting the pros and cons of pre-primary endorsements and the new Top Two Primary ballot, their attention moved to learning about candidates for U.S. Senate and the 3rd Congressional District. The delegates had the opportunity to hear the candidates speak and meet with candidates one on one the previous Saturday at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner. Delegates shared their impressions and asked questions of each other about reasons for supporting candidates. A straw poll was conducted for the position being vacated by Brian Baird. State Representative Jaime Herrera won the poll with 95% of the vote. Upon announcement of the poll results, long time South Bend community leader Vince Shaudys placed a motion to endorse Herrera, explaining his desire for the grassroots to "get behind one candidate." The motion to endorse passed unanimously. Pacific GOP Chair Nansen Malin observed, "As county parties we are normally very reluctant to make pre-primary endorsements. Despite my cautions, it's really exciting to see the grassroots so inspired by a candidate."

It certainly seems she's long past her concerns now, doesn't it?


  1. I sent the Chinook Observer the following just now,

    When comparing resumé's, David Castillo consistently comes out far ahead of his Republican opponent, Jaime Herrera.

    While Herrera has served a short time in the legislature, Castillo served in sub-cabinet level positions in the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Castillo has private sector work experience, Herrera has none.

    Castillo served in the US Navy, Herrera never has served.

    Castillo owns a home within the 3rd Congressional District. Herrera boasts of renting and driving a used car, making her "not your typical Republican conservative."

    Castillo won the endorsement of the 4 major newspapers that make primary endorsements in the 3rd CD. Herrera gained one that also endorsed Castillo.

    Castillo entered the race long before Brian Baird decided to retire, expecting a tough fight. Herrera jumped in less than 2 hours after the announcement.

    Placed side by side, Castillo continues to out shine and at forums it is Castillo and Denny Heck who consistently offer specific ideas, not platitudes.

    Herrera has not been totally honest with voters about HB 1329 either as I discovered at http://wp.me/pgT6S-KA

    The choice is clear. If you really want to see a true conservative in the 3rd CD seat, please vote for David Castillo, Republican.

  2. So Don Benton did vote for the SEIU bill then? Is Benton not a conservative?

  3. Well, anon, it's like this. It's kinda dry and boring. But here it is.

    This SEIU backed and endorsed legislation was co-sponsored and voted for by Herrera. How likely is it that Castillo or any other congressional candidate with an "R" after their name would have voted for this?

    This bill, like every bill that Herrera sponsored, (Save for her "kiddee" bill, the bill that every new member gets to help teach them "how a bill becomes a law") never was voted into law.

    The bill that Benton voted for was a heavily amended version of Herrera's bill; which, in fact, not only would have REQUIRED day care workers to join a union, but would, according to Herrera, have REQUIRED the owners of those day cares to pay the union dues of those workers; a bill that was vastly different than the bill that Herrera worked so hard to pass.

    In the time-honored tradition of the legislature, what the senate did was kill the bill in it's entirety by amending it in such a way that the House refused to concur with the amendments.

    Benton voted for an amended bill which he knew the House would never accept. Did he vote for something called "HB 1329?"

    Yes. But the version he voted for had been dramatically changed from the "roll over and do whatever the the nice little SEIU tells you to do bill" into a poison pill.

    Lew Waters lays it all out; Herrera's lie about why she was involved in this debacle along with the rest of the democrats, the history of the whole thing, the 100% opposition expressed by day care centers in hearings... all of it, located here: http://lewwaters.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/jaime-herrera-says-%e2%80%9ctrust-me%e2%80%9d/

    Now, it's unlikely that Malin wrote this tripe. It's likely that one of Herrera's winged monkeys stuck it in front of her, and had this useful tool sign it.

    But whoever wrote it, Malin owns it. And the fact is that her ignorance is either deliberate or accidental. But ignorance it is.

    Malin needs to quit screwing around as the GOP social butterfly, and get to work to at least do SOMETHING to change Pacific County out of the democrat fortress her ineptitude has caused. Running a county party where not a single Republican is running for anything pretty much shows how worthless as a party leader Malin actually is.

    Hopefully, the few Republicans in Pacific County will actually do something about her in reorg... and she will become nothing more than an embarrassing footnote, and she can be replaced by someone who will actually work to get Republicans elected.

    Since you asked.

  4. After Herrera tried to justify her support and votes of this bill by claiming Benton supported it too, several people contacted him voicing strong concerns over the vote Jaime claimed he made.

    As can be expected, Jaime's dishonest claim was put to rest quickly by Benton.

    Benton replied in email, "Without Senator Zarelli's and my effort the bill would be law now....without voluntary opt-in, without religious objection exceptions and a few other key provisions. Last time I checked we were in a
    super minority and we try to blunt these type of things as best we can with what little influence we have."

    "I don't disagree with your position...quite simply we try to make bad bills a little better when we can, especially when the bad one will pass without our vote anyway(46-2). When the bill left the Senate our amendments had turned it in to a pure "study" bill which means nothing would have changed while the issue was being studied. Our amendments caused the house to reject it and the bill never passed.... buying us another year to try to work on it
    and make it less onerous to business owners."

    Repeatedly, Jaime Herrera shows she is dishonest and is willing to say or do anything to climb the political ladder.

    What else could we expect from an establishment groomed candidate?

  5. Yah, well now she has called Lew a liar. No not everyone sees this opportunist Nan chick as celebrity. Imagine that. Save that for all the sitting chairs, and her poor district.

    I am surprised she is not in that new video the GOP has endorsed (and pretends to be simple voters, while almost all of them or most of them are party insiders), against Denny Heck.

    Isn't this Nan chick the same sitting chair that did NOT have the decency to call Michelle Miller about a typo? Instead she belittled a fellow Republican, right out in the open.

    Anything for our home girl Jaime, right?

    Did this Nan chick also offer to keep Hedrick in the race, for the sake of helping her home girl? Is anyone schooling Jaime on how to take a good spanking from Heck?

    After all the slime and filth I have seen coming out of the GOP I am ready to see the debates between Heck and Jaime. Oh and that Hedrick, wouldn't take much to set him off, a real hot head that one is.

    But the so called Constitutionalist who has compromised all of his so called values, is now in bed with Jaime as well. Very interesting.

    If I did not know better, I would think all of this BS was made up for a soap opera or something. Yes, sad but true. Pitiful.

    LOL, has anyone seen or heard from Campaign for Liberty yet? They can't be happy about being used by Hedrick, and then having him cave to Jaime.

  6. Well, well, well. Today I wake up to find out that the man I love and adore, is one big fat liar. He has lied about everything, EVERYTHING. Nansen Malin has called Lew a liar. Anna Miller now says Lew is a liar. Nothing will be done about any of the wrong that was done, oh just to deny that any of it has ever happened.

    Kind of reminds me of the Bible Proverb of the Pharisees, the one where Jesus said that the Pharisees, (religious leaders of that time) washed the outside of the sacrificial bowl, but inside is filled with dead men’s bones. So to look clean and be clean are separate issues, by the standards of Jesus’ writings.

    Plain and simple truth is this, the problems in the GOP were there before Castillo arrived on the scene. They are there now. The rift created is very real, even more so than it was before.

    Castillo is YOUR brother in Christ. As the Bible says, go to your brother and make amends. Is it really that hard to say three little words? Apparently admitting guilt is worse that doing the right thing.

    Whoever went down in this fight, doesn’t really matter. David has issued his press release and said we should get behind Republicans. At this in point in time it appears to be all that matters.

    I hope to never hear again about a level playing field, because for me, I will think of the GOP and their corruption.

    As far as Campaign for Liberty is concerned, the GOP it's whats for lunch.


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