Thursday, August 19, 2010

A true story in the Columbian comments.

In the comment section of this story is a remark by the person below. I happen to know this to be true... and the source was Lorraine Pier, the assistant in question and a former fellow staffer who I knew for a decade.

I knew that Hedrick/Herrera were a team put together to safeguard her chances for winning. Now Ray_Menlo, you have confirmed that for me. There is something I never mentioned prior to the campaign because it would have been considered a smear tactic, but I'll tell it now. Jaime Herrera was given the seat of Richard Curtis when he stupidly shamed himself out of office. She refused to hire his assistant because she was "too old". Herrera told my friend that she wanted someone "younger" who could "keep up with her". The fact that she cut my friend out of a job due to age discrimination is bad enough. The fact that she actually said it out loud to my friend reveals not only her prejudice, but her lack of sound judgment. She is no class act, believe me. She just had everyone else (Hedrick's goons) doing her dirty work for her, and believe me there was plenty of it. By the way, my friend, who was one of the nicest people I ever knew, had cancer and went without medical coverage because she lost her job. We buried her last year. Now, that's the truth about the person that you and Hedrick were so busy protecting and promoting.,

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  1. Many are saying it on the Columbian, but we are in trouble.

    I'm left wondering now how Cathy McMorris Rodgers will try to buy this seat?

    Did they not see that their dirty tactics and smears were alienating the very Republican base they now want to vote for them?

    Or do they just not care?

  2. Of all the things I've heard of her, this one is the coldest.

  3. This is blatantly untrue, but the truth does not seem to matter in this race! When Jaime was appointed she interviewed sweet Bunny. She told Bunny that she was high energy, worked long hours, and said that she expected her LA to work the same hours as she did. She asked Bunny if she thought she could do that and the answer was no. What is so disgusting about bringing this up now, is that Bunny has passed away and can't even be asked. Shame on you!

  4. Odd. You write this like YOU were there.

    Were you? Is this Jaime or the trained monkey who never heard of constituent service that replaced her, imported from DC?

    I KNOW what Bunny told ME directly. I have to ask the question: How could an anonymous coward like you have any idea what was said, or by who?

    Just one of the many problems I have with Ridgefield Barbie is she lacks the guts to write for herself and identify it. So, someone who won't identify themselves acts like they were THERE and actually sat in on the interview anonymously disputes me and then complains because whoever this worm is believes that Bunny would support some other version of events besides the one she actually gave me.

    The problem here is that while I can SUSPECT who you are, since the record indicates you're posting from Olympia; I knew Bunny for 10 years, many of them as an LA.

    So, I take YOUR word for it, someone I don't know who lacked the guts to use their name... or I take what Bunny told me to my face as the truth.

    You're right. Bunny isn't here to call you a liar. But I am, and I do.

    It's easy for Herrera to lie. Just check her record on 1329 and striping out the last $229 million of the state emergency fund.

    And winning the GOP side of the primary didn't change any of that.


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