Monday, August 2, 2010

What we need in our next Congressman.

I've been amazed by Army LTC (Ret) Allen West's campaign from the get go.

Here's a man who's laid it on the line, risked and ultimately lost his Army career as a sacrifice for his troops, and did so unhesitatingly as he would do it again, even now.

I look at this man's experience, sacrifice, education, command presence, grasp and vision.

Then I look at Barbie's. I look at her lack of experience, sacrifice, education, command presence; her cluelessness, lack of understanding, empathy, and a vision which consists of Obama style glittering generalities in packaging so transparent, so obviously bereft of substance, that a blind dog could see it in a minute.

Who would you want in Congress? Which one would you support, between the two?

Colonel West is an extreme example of the kind of leadership this Nation must have during a war. Herrera is an extreme example of the kind of leadership that we cannot afford.

The choice, of course, is clear. And the choice ain't Herrera.

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