Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lies of omission; lies of co-mission.

Clearly, Ridgefield Barbie has shown there's no lie she won't tell; no exaggeration she won't use to get elected.

Take, for example, this crock on yet another of her waste-of-time fund raisers (Which are becoming more and more threadbare.)

Not the clearest picture, but the upshot is both what this contains... and what it doesn't.

Herrera has proven herself utterly delusional. Her SEIU support and financing; her vote to strip out the last $229 million in our state emergency fund; the repeated lie that she "...served in a senior Congressional staff position," the despicable lie that SHE is "the leading Republican" in this race,or that she's anywhere NEAR "her party's leadership team" (She is in no way or stretch of the imagination a "party leader.")

This invitation contains one of the most frightening things about her imaginable: That she would take the same RINO philosophies, lies and exaggerations to Congress. You don't "control spending" by voting to waste $229 million of your states budget voting with the democrats... You don't "create jobs" or "lower the cost of health care" by shilling for the SEIU.

You DON'T represent US by ditching us for what seems to have been a disastrous fund raiser in DC during session; and you DON'T stay away from your seat for hours at a time like this empty suit did to fund raise during the time the legislature is in session so that your seat mate has to vote for you so you can fraudulently claim you were these instead of screwing us with your non-representation while you were out getting owned by the special interests that own you.

That's what you DON'T do.

But that's what this excuse for a representative did.

And now you know the rest of the story... the story she doesn't want you to know.


  1. And, she still can't answer spontaneous questions she is asked when they aren't on the cue card nor will she keep her promise to me to email me her reasoning for supporting and twice voting for HB 1329.

    Hate to tell Jaime, but all those claimed funds won't do much good with voters seeing who really takes the best and clearest stand on relevant issues.

    And, it isn't Jaime.

  2. That's the problem. It's like the Stepford Candidate... only capable of pre-programmed responses.


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