Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Memo to McMorris: Comparison of WA03 with Kentucky KYSEN GOP.

Memo to McMorris:


Dealt fresh blows from an angry electorate, Republican and Democratic leaders in Washington on Wednesday studied the defeats of Senate incumbents and hand-picked candidates in hopes of learning lessons to avoid losses in other upcoming primaries if not the fall election.

By now, we all know the outcome of the Kentucky GOP Primary: the anti establishment candidate won.
Among Republicans, Paul's victory over Secretary of State Trey Grayson was a rebuke to the GOP Senate leader, Mitch McConnell. McConnell recruited Grayson to the race after pushing the incumbent, Sen. Jim Bunning, into retirement out of concern that he would lose the seat to the Democrats.
Let's reroute that through the local filter, shall we?
Among Republicans, Castillo's victory over State Representative Jaime Herrera was a rebuke to the House GOP Leadership who bought into Conference Vice Chair Cathy McMorris Rogers' lack of vision; who foolishly supported Herrera from a junior staff position in her own office to the race after the incumbent, Congressman Brian Baird, announced his retirement out of concern that he would lose the seat to the GOP.
Or something like that.

Here, there are a few similarities on the GOP scene:

First, we have David Castillo; inarguably the most qualified of the Republicans running, but an outsider (Like Paul.)

Next, we have Jaime "Ridgefield Barbie" Herrera; the anointed by Cathy McMorris/Slade Gorton but few others wing of the GOP, because, frankly, she's as exciting (and intelligent) as drying paint.

The choice is rather stark: vote for someone qualified with vision, maturity and experience... or vote for an empty suit who hasn't even lived here for 11 of the past 13 years.

Vote for one with private sector experience... or vote for one endorsed and financed by the SEIU in the past.

I'll be the first to admit the situation between KY and WA is not precisely the same.

But the similarities are startling when viewed through the lens of what's been happening out there.

We'll know before not too much longer.


  1. Oh look - the same thing is happening in the Senate race. The party establishment wants Dino Rossi but the PEOPLE want Clint Didier. In a DEMOCRACY the people win!!

  2. You would think that these people yanking Herrera's strings would understand that her only chance is to cut the apron strings and give her some distance.

    Of course, Herrera is so frighteningly inept, I can easily understand why they're loath to do that.

    That they are THAT clueless causes me to wonder if any of them should be in elective office.

    There is only one "establishment" candidate here... and she is that at the worst possible time.


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