Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is there trouble in Herrera Land?

I've been waiting since the news broke for the backlash against the Christian conservatives who endorsed Castillo.

It wasn't that long ago that the Winged Monkeys around Herrera threw a massive and prolonged fit over both the Castillo Robocall and the coveted FreedomWorks endorsements of David Castillo.

So, when, among others, Randy Tate and Rick Forcier, et al, endorsed Castillo (Who is, after all, actually a conservative in this race, unlike Herrera) I and many others thought the Herreraites would come just as unhinged.

Well, by golly, there wasn't a peep out of them.

Then, of course, there was the Lameness in Longview for Herrera, where she indicated her trademark cluelessness when anyone draws outside the lines and she has to rely on more than her pre-packaged responses.

So, here we are. The hubbub surrounding Ridgefield Barbie seems to have subsided into nothingness. The incessant twittering, even among her strongest supporters who use that device seems to have dried up. The drum beat of written-like-they-paid-me nonsense from Liz Mair seems to have stopped. Herrera's campaign seems to have entered the doldrums... because people have examined her and found her wanting.

In the world of politics, I must make snap judgments. The absolutely unsupportable appointment of this empty suit to the vacant 18th District seat; the debacle of her campaign for Congress; her coldness, her lack of grasp of the issues; her support of and finance by SEIU, her democrat votes to empty out our state emergency fund... the fact she stupidly looked me in the eye while she likened her internships as the same thing as military service... the fact that she can't seem to eat a bagel unless Cathy McMorris tells her too... her lack of experience in the private sector; the fact she's only lived here for 2 of the last 13 years, her lies about being "courted" by the NRCC for several months before Baird announced he wasn't running; her complete lack of experience at the executive level, her complete lack of experience on security matters... these things make her inherently unsuited to represent us in Congress.

So, I've been waiting for those few remaining in her web to start whining and moaning and bitching like cut cats.

The result?


Their allegations against FreedomWorks, as hypocritical as they were, involved the idea that their endorsement of David Castillo came without even talking to Barbie.

Of course, Slade Gorton and Cathy McMorris Rogers didn't talk to Castillo before they endorsed Herrera, but that was, well, "different" somehow.

Man, they threw fit after fit over THAT one.

So, did Tate and Forcier and the others talk to Herrera before they endorsed Castillo?


Hhhhmmmm. Why no sniveling about that?

Herrera is coming into a cloud. A cloud of people who are paying attention and who actually have figured her out. A cloud of people who now know she's been a lackey for SEIU. A cloud of people who are aware she helped to empty the treasury and then lie about it.

They know. And they don't like it.


  1. I'm still waiting for the email explanation Jaime personally promised me over her reasoning for support HB 1329, the childcare unionization bill.

    Why rush, it's only been what, 3 months now?

    Just the fact that she would look up my home phone and give me three calls in one evening until I answered an ask why I'm not supporting her shows immaturity to me.

    That the ink wasn't even dry on Baird's announcement of retirement when she jumped in show opportunism and politcal cowardice.

    But, this sudden silence is strange too.

    Maybe they are all too busy digging for dirt on Castillo and his supporters?

    Funny thing is, no one had to dig when it comes to Jaime, it's all right there in the open in Public Records.

  2. I would guess there is trouble. In the WA State 3rd Congressional District we have 4 Republican candidates. Navy vet, Airborne Vet, Marine Vet, all with private sector experience and looks like one career politician.

  3. It's tough to be the odd one out in this kind of atmosphere. The establishment candidate in an era when being the establishment candidate is the LAST thing you want to be.


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