Friday, April 16, 2010

Herrera's abysmal fund raising has to hurt: the anointed one's lack of performance is puzzling.

Given all the time that Herrera spent off the floor fund raising while others voted for her... and ditching us, her constituents, so she could make a fundraiser in DC set up by her keepers, Slade and McMorris, she has GOT to be upset about her massive under-performance in fund-raising.

Only $140 K? You kidding me?

3.5 months in, spoon-fed essentially unlimited pre-greased contacts (do you think anyone would have given her a dime if they hadn't been leaned on by McMorris and Gorton first?) hours off the floor during session while others voted in her place to make it look like she was actually there... and THIS was the best she could do?

The only effort more pathetic was Craig Pridemore. But the SEIU bling hanging around Herrera's neck, along with her moronic tax and spend vote to strip out $229 million from the the emergency fund have doomed her candidacy and made her a political dead man walking, thank God. This November, she'll be out of politics altogether, and she can go back to bringing McMorris her coffee or whatever it is she did back there.

Ridgefield Barbie couldn't even send out a press release without scamming a quote from her keeper in it. And that is pathetic for the "independent voice" that will represent McMorris instead of us in Congress.

Craig is, of course, a political dead man walking. No one wants or will vote for a fringe leftist in the 3rd, and only his delusional fellow fringers seem to think he has a chance. But so far, his almost retarded effort at fund raising shows that he's not even in the ball park.

Best known for voting for a budget he had condemned for being "balanced on the backs of the poor and the powerless, Pridemore has also gerrymandered a tax district to pay for his unwanted and unneeded loot rail; demands that the families of the 65,000 or so commuters suffer as a result of the tolls he wants to impose, while demanding that loot rail be jammed down our throats: and cut Steve "Easy money, Mr. Barnett" Stuart a sweet deal so Stuart could keep 10's of thousands in campaign donations.

Both Pridemore and Herrera voted to rip off the state emergency fund as well, showing once again that Herrera has more in common with Pridemore than she does us.

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