Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where Keith Huff and the Ridgefield Barbie trolls blow it: Herrera's voting record is fake.

Man, but the Herrera trolls are buzzing.

Keath Huff, a failed legislative candidate in the 19th, appeals to his fellow "conservatives" as a result of some robo call or another that I've heard a lot ABOUT, but have neither heard nor seen in text.

Apparently, someone did a robocall, truthfully pointing out that Herrera bailed on us and her job to fly to DC to bury that nose of hers in the special interest money trough, doing another "Martha Coakley" even BEFORE the election. I guess when special interests own you, early ownership means more.

The call also, apparently, pointed to Herrera's support of SEIU and SEIU's endorsements of her.

Certainly, this week, Herrera and her Winged Monkeys discovered that the truth genuinely hurts.

But it's still the truth.

Now, Keath is one of those drowning in Herrera's Kool Aid. I have yet to understand why anyone would support someone who's political depth begins and ends in her cheerleader outfit.

She's lied; she has no experience; she's never worked in the private sector, never owned or operated a business, wasted $500 of our money for meals on a 3 day boondoggle trip to Spokane (How the hell do you blow $479 on meals in 3 days, when taxpayers are paying for it and you are, allegedly, just feeding one person?) is a "friend to organized labor" and supports SEIU legislation. In short, she's a female Brian Baird.

So, Keath tells us:
"This phone call, with its blatantly false accusations, came from a politician, that much is for sure."
You mean like the whine of a column you did in response?

If the "phone call" is so bad... then where is it? Why not just put it up there and let us decide?

And then, Keath goes on to lie himself with this tidbit:
To be clear… The false allegation that Jaime is an absentee legislator is FALSE.
The record is clear. Check out her voting record, which is available at
When your supporters are reduced to lying (and this is a lie, Keath. Frankly, I thought better of you) that is a very bad sign.

The ONLY thing does is record votes.

Usually, that's enough. But in THIS case, it doesn't record WHO VOTED FOR YOU IN YOUR PLACE.

No one disputes that votes are recorded. Where Jaime is a slimeball is the question of who was voting for her while she wasn't there..,. and why she would bail on us to go to a special interest DC fundraiser.

And according Rep. Deb Wallace, the finger pushing the button was not from your hand.

Failing to provide either a recording or the text within the call and then telling us not to believe it is one of the most moronic ploys I've ever seen.

Provide specifics. And don't lie.

Like you, Keath, lied in response to the accurate allegation that Herrera IS an "absentee legislator" since she bailed on us to go stick her nose in a money trough in Washington DC THIS WEEK instead of staying here to represent US.

Good God. There was only a few days left in session. I can't believe how moronic McMorris and Slade are that they'd Coakley this deal instead of waiting for session to end.

And, you're not in the 18th, are you, Keath? So I guess a little thing like that wouldn't bother someone like you.... would it?

In all the years I've been following politics, I have never seen so many clowns lose their minds over a skirt as this.

Never. In fact, Huff's column shilling for the cardboard cut out was very much like an attack of epilepsy, leaving us to draw a blank at the words and ask "what the hell is he babbling about?"

Thanks so much to Eric for bringing this to my attention. All of your efforts to keep me informed of this kind of corruption are appreciated.

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