Saturday, February 27, 2010

So... here's the robocall driving Herrera's Winged Monkeys over the edge.

Someone far wiser than I indicated that we should know the truth, because it would set us free.

HERE is what went out yesterday that has the Herrera troll's panties in such a bunch that a week after reading their pap, you'll still have to eat prunes and oatmeal.

Here's what sucks for Herrera and her clown posse: every word of the announcement is true.

Every word.

The call says:

Hi, this is Susan and I want to share with you a few facts about State Representative Jaime Herrera.

OK. That's what it says. That's what it does.

Representative Herrera thinks it's OK to take campaign money from the liberal labor union SEIU.

So, what does the PDC have to say about this?


SEIU 925 PAC 2008/08/03 $500.00 Seattle

So, clearly, she's taken campaign money in an obvious pay for play dodge, but that allegation is true.

Today, she's in Washington DC raising money from special interests while Governor Gregoire is raising your taxes right here in our Washington.

And when this call went out, she was, come to think of it, burying her entire head into the special interest money trough set up by her string-puller-in-chief, one Cathy McMorris Rogers.

And now, Herrera wants to run for Congress to represent you, but she can't even find the time to stay in Olympia when we need her.

So, when this went out, was she in Olympia doing the job we sent her there to do?

Or was she on her way to, at, or coming back from picking up these special interest checks?

Call Jaime Herrera at 1.800.562.6000 and tell her she should be here in Olympia to take the people's business more seriously.

And, well, she SHOULD be there. Can even those in the Herrera cult defend her decision to ditch us during session instead of waiting a couple of weeks to go worship at the alter of the special interests that own this card board cut out?

This call is paid for by Castillo for Congress.

Well, that explains it. When people like Keath Huff are claiming that the call was full of lies, yet fails to prove any of it, I have to go to the audio tape.

And Keath Huff, you are a liar.

And the rest Herrera's Winged Monkeys? You clowns need to get a life or get into rehab... or both.

Because the tape speaks for itself.

And every word of it is true.


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