Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shannon Barnett bails on his commitment to David Castillo

According to Liz Mair, who cranked up her Herrera spin machine, rife with the ol' "Unnamed source" quotes that I could go around and make up on the spot as well, Shannon Barnett is using this call, which most likely cost next to nothing, as an excuse to bail on his presumably solemn commitment to endorse Castillo.
However, the robocall has caused other tempers to flare, too. It emerged today that the Castillo robocall has even prompted one former Castillo endorser—Shannon Barnett, a candidate running to replace Herrera in the Washington State House of Representatives— to drop his support altogether. According to Barnett (with whom I spoke earlier), Castillo spending money on the call constitutes a waste of campaign resources. Furthermore, Barnett says, it evidenced an unwillingness on Castillo’s part to stick to a key campaign pledge made months ago to Barnett. Per Barnett, Castillo promised to focus his campaign on talking about issues that unite Republican voters in the district. Hal Palmer, an advisor to Barnett, added that he was “appalled at the distorted attack on Jaime Herrera.”

The problem with Barnett's little snit is this:

Since he gave his now worthless word to support Castillo... and since he has no chance to win election in the 18th... then doesn't that make Barnett's entire campaign a waste of money?

And, by the way... is there some reason Barnett failed to mention that the second Herrera announced, he became one of her Winged Monkeys as well? Or is it more a matter that he told Liz, but she just kind of left it out? Yup, Barnett was one of those lowlifes who gave what's called a "dual endorsement." Odd that Liz didn't know that, isn't it?

And the best way to "unite the voters" would be for this worthless waste of skin to withdraw. Because I will support ANYONE but her... and that means if she manages to survive through to the general, anything I have that I can give will go to whoever else makes it in the top 2, regardless of party.

Because supporting either a Herrera or a Barnett does nothing to solve our problems in government.

As for Palmer, maybe he can provide a single instance in the call where Castillo either lied... or "distorted?"

He can't, of course, because there was nothing remotely inaccurate, distorted or exaggerated in the call.

Once Herrera announced, Barnett, who has been slavishly devoted to Ridgefield Barbie, couldn't wait to dump his "committment" to Castillo. This kind of thing was just the excuse he was looking for, because the issue of campaign expenditures, and at a few cents per call (what... maybe 2 cents each?) this was anything BUT a "waste of campaign resources."

As a result of the buffoons handling and supporting Herrera, hundreds, if not thousands more people know much more about her and her clueless supporters. And how could that have been a waste?

Because, in the end, as Kathy McDonald put it:
According to Kathy McDonald, a well-known Republican consultant from the third district unaffiliated with either campaign, “It looks like David Castillo is calling a spade a spade. The facts are Jaime was back in DC for a fundraiser, the fact is Jaime took money from the SEIU; the fact is she went before the legislative session was over. If she had waited 2 weeks until session was over this fundraiser would be a mute[sic] point.”

At the end of the day, that's the whole point of this moronic faux outrage aimed at Castillo.

Where these idiots are pissed isn't because Castillo's call lied, or distorted or exaggerated.

It's that Castillo would DARE to point out these TRUTHS to the people of the 3rd Congressional District who think this cardboard cut out of an empty suit is either Republican, or worthy to be elected to Congress.

How dare Castillo, they think in their heart of hearts.

Jaime Herrera is The One! She's been ANOINTED! Why, no less a personage than Slade has touched her on the shoulder to a choir of heavenly angels!

Except Herrera is nobody special. And that this episode would make Barnett bail on his word shows that he, too, is unfit for elective office... just like the gas bag he's supported all along.

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