Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Liz Mair lets us know: Herrera has already started the process to sell us out in DC.

Hard on the heals of an abysmal fundraising report, Cathy McMorris Rogers and Slade Gorton (who most likely wouldn't know Jaime Herrera if she bit him, but who endorsed her because, well, Vander Steop asked him to) are stepping in directly to bail Ridgefield Barbie Jaime Herrera out.

Yes, she's already started the process of indebtedness to the special interests in DC by flying in ton pick up a bunch of checks; a feat she couldn't pull off here, apparently, because, well,she doesn't seem to have all that much support around here.

So, local political ace and blogger Liz Mair provides the vignette below:
McMorris Rodgers, Gorton hosting DC fundraiser for Herrera
February 9th, 2010 12:12 ET
In my inbox this morning is an email announcing that on February 25, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and former Sen. Slade Gorton will be hosting a fundraising breakfast here in DC for Jaime Herrera-- one of the big names competing to succeed Rep. Brian Baird in representing Washington's third district in Congress.

The breakfast will take place on the Hill from 8-9AM. Herrera should walk away from it with a bit of money to line the campaign coffers: Attendees are being asked to cut a check for $250 (if an individual) or $1,000 (if a PAC).

I wouldn't be terribly surprised to see David Castillo knock Herrera for raising money in DC (he's already poked her for seeking support from folks outside the third district). I also fully anticipate the DCCC will blast her for taking PAC contributions (because Democrats never, ever do that).

Personally, I don't think anyone's going to fault Herrera's former boss (McMorris Rodgers), who is of course also from the Evergreen State, for wanting to help her out-- and McMorris Rodgers, like most federal-level elected officials, is in DC on Thursday mornings. Furthermore, I maintain that Slade Gorton's backing is going to be very helpful to Herrera-- as will any money she takes away from this event.
It looks like I'm just not "anyone."

Herrera is, to my lasting shame, my state representative. As I knew she would be when McMorris parachuted her in here with a scam deal involving a certain county commissioner, she has been worthless in representing us. And, by the way? I'm no part of the Castillo campaign.

I will always resent McMorris-Rogers for screwing around over here on the other side of the state in ways that have impacted me directly. But sending us such a pitiful, empty suit to represent me is absolutely unforgivable.

So yes.... I DO fault her for interfering, much like I fault Gorton for endorsing someone he didn't know and had never heard of.

But then, Slade is no longer a Senator... he, too, has become a lobbyist. And what does that tell you?

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