Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Herrera continues to lie on both the experience and money issues

Jaime Herrera. She's SUCH a kidder.

She actually sent ME a fund raising letter. Can you BELIEVE it?

I ripped it open, positively EAGER to see what pearls of wisdom were written for her so she wouldn't sound like a cardboard cut out. (Anyone actually believing SHE wrote this bilge, or had anything to say about it, for that matter, please burn your voter registration card.)

And what to my wondering eyes appear?

The usual drama queen BS; that the future of western civilization rests entirely with her election to this seat.

It doesn't of course, but like her work experience fairy tales, she has to make you believe it, so you'll unscrew at the right elbow and send her a check.

The usual, to-be-expected, gross exaggeration about her job with the puppet master behind her parachuting in her to snatch the pre-arranged 18th District seat is in there. You know, continuing to call herself a "Senior Legislative Aide" because that sounds SO much more impressive than a mere "legislative assistant." You remember, like she called herself before her campaign keepers jacked her title up?

Another hoot was she tells us that she's running because "we urgently need new leadership in Washington." Hell, she's just been back in town for 20 minutes or so, and has yet to show any leadership HERE! Well, except for that whiney little fit in caucus about telling them to "stay out" of the race in the 18th... for all the good THAT did her.

And what makes our resident empty suit think that she'll be anything more in DC than she is here? To wit, a back-bencher, SEIU-supporting turn coat?

And then this hoot, in BOLDFACE, no less:

"My pledge to you is that I will place more value on saving your money then spending it."


Herrera, you made me spit up all over my keyboard on that one.

This, from the woman who managed to fry her way through almost $500 for 3 days worth of meals on a boondoggle trip from DC back to Spokane?

And YOU are placing value on MY money? Since when?

And your support of this SEIU bill that, if enacted, will shut out our most needy from their desperately needed child care so THEY CAN WORK.

And Jaime, that McMorris's shills back in DC managed to get your name buried in a paragraph, buried in an article... doesn't by any means indicate that you're ready for anything, except, perhaps, a run at junior class vice president.

And do yourself a favor. Go through you fund raiser data base, and get my name off your list.

Otherwise, every time you send out this tripe, we'll get to play this again.

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