Saturday, April 17, 2010

So, what do the numbers in the 3rd Congressional mean?

Well, we've seen all the numbers in the 3rd in the fund raising race, and there were no real surprises.

Heck is vacuuming out most of the leftist money; after all, money attracts money, and writing yourself a quarter million dollar check to start, while really odd for a job that doesn't pay all that much net that such an expenditure would be worth it to anyone except those possessed of the biggest ego, is something of a money magnet.

But adding $300,000 to that figure is very impressive indeed.

As I've pointed out, Pridemore's candidacy is a joke, and he's spinning his wheels in ways that just astound. His many fringe left, hypocritical bouts (The voting for a budget he'd condemned as being balanced on the backs of the "poor and the powerless;" his corruption in cutting his buddy, Steve "I can be bought if the price is right" Stuart a sweet deal on campaign finance; his rabid support of the union welfare project known as the I-5 Bridge /loot rail project that most in the region hate, and his unbridled desire to stick a $1300 per year toll down our throats will make him the laughing stock) combined with an almost pathetic inability to raise money, even when he portrays himself as Obama light, will make him the answer to a political trivia question 10 years from now... but it won't make him a congressman.

On the right, the likely eventual winner had a respectable quarter and as time goes on and more people discover how slimy his main opponent in the GOP really is, we can expect her money to dry up even more, and his money to start rolling in.

David Castillo has run a solid campaign and will continue to do so. And while the special interests who own SEIU Representative Jaime Herrera have tossed a few bones her way, as more and more find out about how very little background, education, vision and independence that slimeball has, they'll desert her in droves.

She touts her $140,000, provided by Cathy McMorris Rogers, her keeper and boss through her contacts, as some big accomplishment. Considering how much time she spent off the floor fund raising instead of being on the floor representing US, and considering the horrifically stupid idea of ditching us during session so she could make a fund raiser with the special interests who already own her in Washington DC, this is a HORRIFIC number... less than half of the cash donated to the democrat who will be in the general, Denny Heck.

The others running on the right are fine, quality people. I've listened to Castillo and David Hedrick, who championed the cause of the people against Cowardman Brian Baird last August. Castillo's qualifications far exceed anyone else running in the 3rd, but Hedrick isn't far behind and I hope that this doesn't represent his only foray into politics.

Ultimately, I believe this will become a Heck-Castillo showdown, and it's the wrong year for the democrats.

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