Sunday, April 18, 2010

The delusion that is Jaime Herrera.

A few minutes ago, I just saw this pollute my twitter screen:

It's really a problem when you're a poor candidate.

But it's a disaster when you're a delusional candidate on top of that.

Did most of Herrera's corruption money come from SW Washington? What about thanking the special interests that gave you cash in Washington, DC? You know, the ones you ditched us for when you left during session to attend your fundraiser set up by your boss, Cathy McMorris and Lobbyist Slade. What about thanking them?

Herrera has been all agog over her handlers putting $140,000 together for her in this most recent reporting quarter. She calls that "strong."

Well, here's the genuine article. If you're reading this blog, then you probably know of a true candidate who will do us proud in the House, unlike SEIU Rep. Jaime Herrera: LTC Allen West.

THIS is "strong."

Let's see. An $838,450 quarter or a $141,000 quarter.

LTC West, who doesn't have a puppet master working for him in DC, puts Herrera to shame in fund raising. Given all the grease that McMorris is applying for Herrera, her effort in Q1 was a disaster... and SHE calls THAT "STRONG?"

That's like Jaime telling us that she really DOESN'T want us to believe she's a "friend to organized labor." You know, like she said in her interview in the Columbian back on November 30th in the Columbian? Right after she told the commissioners that when it came to being a state rep, ""There is not a job in the world I would rather have."

Yeah. Right.

You know.... like that?

She made less than half the cash of the leading democrat. She made a sixth of the cash of LTC West.

That's not strong. That's a disaster.

And self-delusion isn't one of the traits I want for someone in Congress representing me.

And by the way? I bet that LTC West wouldn't view your professional internships and complete lack of private sector experience for the 10 years you were gone from here or SW Washington before your appointment as the same thing as "being in the Army."

You know... like you told me?

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