Friday, July 9, 2010

Impressions of a 3rd District Congressional Forum

Yesterday's soiree was extremely well run and very well attended. Leadership Clark County and a local law firm, Miller Nash, were the cosponsors, I believe.

This, of course, had the same Jaime Herrera as we always have.

No specifics, no vision, no plan and no clue.

She spent a great deal of time telling us what we already know (Things are very bad) and very little telling us what she intends to do about it (since, frankly, she hasn't been told yet and certainly doesn't know on her own.) She lied about her legislative record, asking us to do what I have already done, in some detail: check said record. Checdking it, of course, made me recoil in horror.

Castillo, on the other hand, naturally had genuine proposals for addressing the economic doldrums including free enterprise zones for distressed counties (based on the unemployment rate) tax incentives for business and tax holidays for new employees so the money not going to government would be more likely to be spent in other local businesses.

Even Denny Heck was impressed with that plan.

Herrera, of course, offered nothing. Not unlike Jon Russell, she keeps telling us to look at her record, in her case, in the legislature. The problem is that her back-bench record in the legislature is not the kind of thing you'd really want anyone to look at if you mean to use it as a reason to be elected to anything.

It's this kind of thing that's straight from the bizarro zone:
“I am the only candidate who has a record of voting against wasteful government spending,” said state Rep. Jaime Herrera, R-Camas, the only candidate in the field who currently holds elected office. “We have got to stop the drunken-sailor, hand-over-fist spending” by the federal government, she said.
She's also the only candidate with a record of selling our Republican principles. She's also the only candidate to vote with the democrats and against her own caucus and her seat mate in the 18th while helping the democrats strip out our last $229 million from the State Emergency Fund.


Here's another paragraph that should have been mentioned in the paper, but wasn't (Since they no doubt will be endorsing Herrera for the primary, since they will also endorse Heck for the primary and the general.

So, why does Herrera insist on lying about herself that way? Is she, like Russell, a serial liar? Does it extend beyond her record of lying about her nonsensical "senior legislative aide" crap?

And when it came to the issue of "jobs," why didn't she brag about her forced unionization/business owner dues paying SEIU bill that she co-sponsored, voted for and then lied about?

Why has she run such a vacuous campaign?

Is there any doubt she's the GOP equivalent of Obama, who ran exactly the same campaign for president because he had nothing to offer, either?

I will always remain mystified by anyone who would support Ridgefield Barbie. I will always remain mystified as to why anyone would reward this empty suit with either their loyalty, or an acceptance of Cathy McMorris Rodger's interference in our political affairs.

All in all, it was another in a series of abysmal efforts by Herrera where it's clear she has no idea what to do or how to do it.

The people deserve better. And the lies and selling out to the left combined with McMorris Rodger's interference somewhere where what we do and how we do it is NONE OF HER BUSINESS are just a few of the reasons why I will NEVER vote for Herrera... for anything.

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  1. I find it almost laughable how her groupies on the Columbian comments section are so up in arms over Castillo rightfully pointing to her record and labeling in as an "attack."

    Hey, she tells us to look at her record and judge her on it, yet when we do, we are attacking the princess.

    Those same groupies, though give her a pass on every comment she makes disparaging the Republicans.

    She and her groupies haven't learned yet that playing the victim card doesn't work with Republicans, they just are looked upon as whiners.

    And of course, if she cannot take the heat, she should withdraw now and let the grown-ups run their campaigns.

    I noticed too, last evening, something that remains unsaid. That being it was David Castillo who, after the forum ended, initiated the hand shaking with the others.

    That I saw, Herrera made herself scarce.

    But, keep bashing the Republican Party, Jaime dear, see just how many Democrat votes you get.


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