Saturday, July 10, 2010

Impressions of a 3rd District Congressional Forum (II)

In the article in the paper, I was struck by the whining and sniveling of the Herrera Herd who immediately started complaining about how dere poor, widdle old baby cakes was tweated on da stage.

The real David Castillo came out tonight. I'm not a Jaime Herrera supporter however the way David Castillo attacked her on stage when he knew she could not respond as he had the last word tonight was wrong.

If you were not there picture this.

(3) Republicans on stage and (2) Democrats and (1) Independant. David Castillo did not attack anything the Democrats said all night and in his closing statement he tore into Herrera another Republican knowing she could say nothing.

What a sorry excuse for a man and I sure hope he don't treat his wife like that when she disagrees with him! What he did was uncalled for and it showed me he no longer deserves my vote! I'm voting for Hedrick as he is not playing dirty politics!

Wait until the video comes out and you will see how low our own party members will go to WIN. I don't agree with the SEIU at all, but he had no right to do what he did they way he did it.

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And then:

Castillo will now be on the phone trying to keep CVTV from releasing the video showing the way he attacked Herrera!

Castillo lost my vote also but it was a while back when he did that robocall attacking Herrera.

A Democrat will win this race because of people like David Castillo.

Rob McKenna should also come clean on his endorsement of David Castillo! Nothing like endorsing the family member of one of your employees! Oh I was not supposed to say that!

I agree what he did tonight was planned and wrong! The crowd saw it and agreed it was uncalled for! Why did Ms. Durbin not comment on this at it was the highlight of the evening.

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Followed by more pap:

Lew, Jaime was speaking to the people not the candidates! If the people want to see her record fine! But when another candidate on the same platform takes it as let's dig up some trash on them then that's trash politics!

Lew, are you upset Hedrick did not pass you a note? I would have found him passing you a note odd also!

However, I will say one thing, if my Husband was Hedrick, Castillo would have had a a#@ whooping right there on the stage after the way he totally disrespected her! Castillo has no respect for others and it shows! Don't agree with him and he will disrespect you.. That's what we need in Congress?

Interesting he is being buddies with a Democrat opponent while attacking his fellow republican opponents! So is Castillo a Liberal now or a moderate?

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The efforts of this moron (these morons?) and the plan of painting Ridgefield Barbie as some sort of victim just re-enforces the idea that she doesn't have what it takes to be a 5th grade class representative, let alone a member of congress.

The empty suit did a DAMNED fine job of imitating a deer caught in the headlights.

Yeah, the real David Castillo came out on that stage. The same guy that shows up with his A game EVERY time.

That these (This?) Herrera scull could call what happened up there an "attack," as if Castillo physically struck Herrera, is pathetic.

Castillo schooled Barbie. That he had the last word or the first word would make no difference. The clueless one is a Guardian of the SEIU, having co-sponsored and voted for their bill, all the while lying about her motivations (after all, unions only gave Herrera a mere $5000 in the 08 election... they have to get SOMEthing in return for their investment.)

"No longer deserves your vote?" You slimeball, he never had your vote to begin with.

Castillo has EVERY right to hit Babs over her noggin with her own record. After all, didn't she spew THIS tripe?
“I am the only candidate who has a record of voting against wasteful government spending,” said state Rep. Jaime Herrera, R-Camas, the only candidate in the field who currently holds elected office
She's also the only candidate to sell us out to the SEIU and to vote with the leftists to strip out the last $229 million from our state's emergency fund. Odd, she doesn't mention THAT part of her record, does she?

The moment the video comes out, I'll be reminded what a blithering, incompetent tool Herrera actually is, thank you very much.

And then to bring up the completely factual robo-call as a reason not to vote for the man (Was that posted by Shannon Barnett? He pulled that same stunt when he bailed outm on Castillo after that 100% factual call went out) What is WRONG with people?

Little Miss Muffet DEMANDS that we look at her record.

When we DO look at her record and discover how utterly worthless the record that SHE wants us to look at actually is, the idiots around her respond with this kind of trash.

If Herrera makes it to the general, a democrat will win this race because Heck will stomp Herrera into the ground like a golf tee.

And then attacking McKenna because like so many others that he's worked with... and that Herrera has worked with.... have made the choice to kick her to the curb and endorse someone worthy of the title "Congressman."

And to the idiot who babbled that "if you husband was Hedrick," etc, etc... there's a damned good likelihood that Castillo would have knocked his dumb, hen-pecked ass out.

Yes, these posters are typical of the ignorant kool aid drinking types drawn to the package with no concern over the contents... which Castillo showed simply weren't there.

Whoever these people (person) is, I do hope they keep babbling like this. Each time this kind of garbage comes up it just shows how ill-equipped Little Miss Dainty is to represent anyone in anything.


  1. A little quote that seems to have slipped by us from Jaime Herrera. In the run-up to the July 8 forum, Kathie Durbin writes of her, “Not once have you heard me criticize Brian Baird’s performance in Southwest Washington,” she told the editorial board.

    Does that mean she approves of Baird's over all performance and intends to be like him?

    She also stated, “Linda Smith and Baird both have an independent streak.”

    Is she equating Linda Smith to Brian Baird?

    High stakes surround 3rd District debate (7th paragraph up from the bottom)

  2. "What a sorry excuse for a man and I sure hope he don't treat his wife like that when she disagrees with him! What he did was uncalled for and it showed me he no longer deserves my vote! I'm voting for Hedrick as he is not playing dirty politics!"

    Castillo is more than a fine man and a gentleman. If Ms Herrera can't be scrutinized because she is a woman, then she is in the wrong arena. It takes a real tomboy to play in the boys game. Some have it, some don't. No gender favorites here.

    Can you imagine Mr. Herrera finding his rainy day fund account in the bank missing because his wife spent it all?

    Which example is based on actual truth?

  3. My concern is she'll fold up like one of her cheap suits the first time either McMorris or Pelosi says BOO to her.


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