Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jaime Herrera = Brian Baird? Seriously?

I wasn't particularly surprised that the most ignorant congressional candidate in the 3rd CD could actually say something like this anywhere but in her dreams:
“Not once have you heard me criticize Brian Baird’s performance in Southwest Washington,” she told the editorial board. “Linda Smith and Baird both have an independent streak.”
That's right, Barbie. This kind of pandering, even if it's to a left wing rag like this one, is why the very thought of you elected to anything above dog catcher terrifies me.

We have yet to hear you criticize Baird's cowardice, his use of the term "Brown Shirts" and "Nazis" in describing the millions of Americans generally and the tens of thousands in the 3rd CD specifically who hated the very idea that he would vote for Obamacare.

Not a peep about his extravagant, hugely expensive ($500,000 in 2008 alone) and completely unnecessary travel expenses. But then, given your own confirmed ability to waste taxpayer dollars on YOUR travel, why, that's not surprising, either.

Nothing about his hypocrisy concerning his so-called 72 hour rule, where he demands 72 hours to review a bill... and then votes for those massive increases in costs and government authority without even reading the bills he voting for.

Nothing about Baird's pork barrel s[pending for the downtown mafia.

Nothing about Baird's vote for cap and tax.

Nothing about Baird's silence on the Barnett megacasino.

Nothing about Baird's vote on the 9000 ear mark budget.

Nothing about Baird's history of "pay to play" and how campaign donations resulted in millions in unneeded or wanted pork barrel spending.

Nothing about Baird voting for the programs where WE have to bail out OTHER homeowners who bought way too much house for the money.

Nothing about Baird's vote for the porkulous bill... his support of convicted felons voting rights restoration BEFORE their sentence is completed... his support of failing to require proof of citizenship to register to vote and legal ID TO vote... his support of gerrymandered tax districts that exclude tens of thousands of voters from having a say... but not paying the taxes...

All true. Ridgefield Barbie kept her mouth shut over all of it. And she's PROUD of it.

In short, there appears, from her own vacuous mouth, that there will be no difference in the representation Baird provided and the worthless effort of THIS empty suited moron.

Tell me again, Republicans. Why do you support this clueless leftist, Guardian of the SEIU? She even ADMITS she's no different then Baird... and you SUPPORT her?

God help us.


  1. Little quips as this, while often overlooked, give us a revealing look into just who and what Jaime Herrera really is.

    In spite of all of her early claims, she is no conservative, having said in another interview she is "right of center" and in others that she is an Independent.

    She has displayed how easily she will cross the aisle to help Democrats as they screw us over, but has she ever drawn them back to our side to help protect us?

    Several times now, even in the latest forum, she spares no effort to bash the Republican party, over healthcare reform Thursday evening, but cannot bring herself to criticize a Democrat congressman or the Democrat party.

    If she really thinks the Democrats have done that good of a job, why not just withdraw and endorse Denny Heck?

    In the mean time, the best conservative candidate I have seen in several years is marginalized and attacked by many within the GOP who have drank the Herrera/Hedrick Kool Aid.

    Perhaps the 3rd Congressional District just doesn't deserve a strong conservative like David Castillo.

  2. Brian Baird lied to us. He said he was not clear how he would vote when it came to Obama-care. Then he voted for it, after all the heated debates. Now, Baird has stated that Obama is doing a great job. He says Bobby Jindal is out of line for speaking up about the crisis on the gulf. I take it Jaime agrees with all that Brian stands for. This is not a time to try please everyone with lies. This is a time for the candidates to show the people they CAN make a difference, not giving us more of the same crap.

    From reading some of the liberal fourms the Democrats did not like the Conservative turnout to those Town-Halls. We need someone that is not afraid to stand up to Democrats and demand they work with the Republicans. Yes lets work together, the time has come for the Democrats to cross the aisle and work with us.

  3. "In the mean time, the best conservative candidate I have seen in several years is marginalized and attacked by many within the GOP"

    Amazing. It just doesn't make sense to me. If the Democrat front runner wins, fingers can only be pointed at one place, and no I don't mean the bloggers.


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