Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Jaime Herrera will NEVER know.

Thanks as always to Lew Waters.


  1. Very moving piece! Well done! As we all pray for, thank, and consolace our dedicated servicemen and individuals in the military that have fought for, died and made such a sacrifice so that we may be able to live on and in the greatest nation God has ever given a people on earth, we celebrate this July 4th a renewed hope and vision our founders had for this country.

    But what disturbs me, is that it seems what you are trying to say is that only people that have been in the armed forces can know what liberty and freedom mean and therefore are the only ones that can be defenders against the tyranny that is going on in our country.

    If that is what you are trying to say...Shame on you.

  2. God forbid that I "disturb" you.

    I'm a relatively straightforward guy. No need to interpret what I write. Those with at least normal reading comprehension skills should have no difficulty figuring it out.

    Those of us who have served in the military, unlike Herrera who has only served herself through out the entirety of her sorry life, have a much better appreciation for liberty and freedom because unlike Ridgefield Barbie who was far too busy partying and doing her 3 week internships and the like to ever join the military, both Castillo and Hedrick have, in fact, actually sacrificed to keep empty suits like her free.

    Herrera is no more qualified, capable or ready to defend this country from ANY enemy, foreign OR domestic, then she is to perform an abdominal resection on a dying cancer patient.

    She, in fact, is the GOP version of Obama: equally unqualified, equally untested, equally clueless.

    And how's that Obama thing been working out for us?

    So yeah, the fact that everything she is has been handed to her on a silver platter has she's been a useful tool for those much smarter, wiser and tougher than she is shameful.

    But unfortunately for us all, she's running any way.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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