Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A while ago, I was asked a question...

I did a post that showed a YouTube video: What Jaime Herrera will NEVER know.

I made no other comment about the video or Herrera in that post.

A commenter left the following as a result:
"But what disturbs me, is that it seems what you are trying to say is that only people that have been in the armed forces can know what liberty and freedom mean and therefore are the only ones that can be defenders against the tyranny that is going on in our country.

If that is what you are trying to say...Shame on you."
One of the many things the majority of voters apparently forgot in November of 2008 is that this nation is at war.

The result of that hopefully temporary loss of sanity is clear: Obama's election has resulted in utter disaster.

Our more local version of Obama, Jaime Herrera, is just like him. In 08, we had a choice. A choice between experience and packaging. A choice between someone with a record of service and sacrifice to the nation and someone who was a community organizer. A beat up, old and scarred package versus the slick packaging of the establishment.... the same kind of slick packaging the old school, establishment GOP is trying to force feed us now.

We can do so much better than a lying fake like Herrera. SO much better. And part of that reasoning translates from this YouTube video, which has received over 14,000,000 hits.

The person discussed in there is Obama. It closes with a plea to vote for McCain. But you could just as easily replace the word "Obama" with the word "Herrera," while providing even more reasons to vote for anyone else generally and David Castillo particularly. For me, the question is this: when you think about it, it's clear that Herrera is a version of Obama, and Navy veteran Castillo is a version of McCain, relatively speaking.

Are we prepared to repeat the stupidity of the past? Have we not learned anything?

Watch. Learn. And let's not make the same mistake again.


  1. A widely distributed quote your commenter might not like, "For those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."

  2. I think Castillo is an even better pick than McCain. I just don't think McCain wanted to be president bad enough. Seems as though Palin wanted it more than he did. You are right though, and I do know what you are saying. We the people want straight forward, we want our candidates to shoot from the hip. If Brian Baird were still in the run we would have three like minded people running. Heck, Herrera, and Baird. Shoot, I gotta say out of those three I would choose Heck.

    I am so glad we have a Conservative running. The country is ripe for Conservative leadership. It has been shown by the Tea Party rallies. The nation is tired of the Democrat think and the Democrat speak. IF the GOP does not get this right, it is on them. Can't blame anyone else for the dirty politics.


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