Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Campaign Ad - The Lie that is Jaime Herrera.

Even the name of this ad is a lie. "Trust?" Trust who? Her?

All right then. Word for word, here's the fantasy that IS Jaime Herrera.
"Look what they're doing."

"Tax hikes."

"Out of control spending."

"Mountains of debt."

"It's killing jobs."

"I'm Jaime Herrera and I've got a revolutionary idea."

"Let's trust people."

"Trust families to spend and save their money."

"Trust doctors and patients to make decisions, not bureaucrats"

"Change Congress: Jaime Herrera."

"Together, we can get SW Washington working again."

"For fiscal sanity, Jaime Herrera for Congress."

"I'm Jaime Herrera, and I approved this message. I'll help stop the spending spree in Congress."
Pure Obama.

But then, when you have no record, education or experience, those gawd awful brown pant suits are all you can offer.

What's missing? This:

When Herrera was what she would laughing call "representing" us in Olympia, she accomplished absolutely nothing.

She HELPED the democrats in Olympia with THEIR "spending spree," by voting to strip out the last $229 million we had in the state emergency fund. No other Republican in SW Washington voted for that.

Herrera did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to change Olympia. She keeps telling us to "look at her record." Well, when we look at her record, what do we see?

An old-school politicianette, put together from spare parts in McMorris's office. There's nothing there that could POSSIBLY make anyone believe that she will be able to do anything in DC.

The Obamaesque aspect of this is simple: She NEVER tells us HOW she will do any of these things... just that she will. And where have we heard that before?

How many empty suits do we need to elect? How many times do we let people like Herrera screw us?

The problem is that Herrera was one of 98 in Olympia, and she accomplished NOTHING. She couldn't get it done here.... what makes anyone believe she can get it done in DC, one of 435, except to be a mouthpiece for her master, McMorris?

This moron couldn't even find any reasons to "criticize" Baird!
Do we NEED another Brian Baird? Do we need someone who can't understand the difference between Republican and democrat ideation?

No... We don't. Herrera would be as worthless a Member of Congress as she was in the state House. And that kind of crap is what we don't need.


  1. Unfortunately for Jaime, some of us listened to her and followed her advice. We looked at her record and found it isn't what she would have us believe it is.

    For our effort, we are called haters and accused of bashing her for doing exactly what she asked us to do, look at her record and speak about it.

  2. I'll also add, how am I supposed to trust Jaime, when she never did send me the personal email explanation on her reasoning for supporting and voting for the forced child care unionization bill, HB 1329, that she promised me back on the evening of February 9, 2010, when she initiated the call to me?

    If she refuses to keep little promises, how can I trust her to keep a promise of representing us responsibly in Washington D.C.?

  3. The first time I met Castillo was at a Share fundraiser. I thought, wow he is really tall. Wait, I digress. ;) I told him back then, we have to get Baird out of there, he is about to vote in social health care. And that is exactly what he (Baird) did. Castillo was not afraid to take on Baird, then. This time around is a good time for someone just like David Castillo.

  4. Follow-thru is another part of her record she doesn't want us looking at. Horrific constituency work, kicking Bunny to the curb because she was too "old." Herrera is the LAST thing we need in Congress.

  5. I have watched Jami closely since she was appointed to her current position. I have never been impressed.
    Nice girl, very immature and 0 experience at anything other than working for the government and spending and being paid by other peoples money.

    This is NOT the kind of experience you can trust, especially in Congress.

    Sorry she simply is not qualified.


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