Thursday, July 15, 2010

The joke of the day? Herrera's laughable voter pamphlet statement.

By all means, go to Clark County Elections and download a copy of the voter's pamphlet.

In that pamphlet, you'll find yet another of the many fictional portrayals of Ridgefield Barbie, we she babbles about a "new generation of leadership" like she ever showed any in Olympia while selling us out to the SEIU and the democrats.

Her primary commitment, of course, will be whatever Cathy McMorris Rogers tells her it is, since without McMorris, we'd have never heard of our local version of Obama.

The fact is that Babs accomplished absolutely nothing in Olympia... and except for selling us out, the empty suit will accomplish absolutely nothing in DC.

A campaign of lies is summed up in this fiction:
As a State Representative for Clark and Cowlitz Counties I voted to cut spending, lower taxes and balance government budgets.
Just one of her efforts to sell us out? A so-called "vote to cut spending" by voting WITH the democrats and AGAINST her own Caucus to help the leftist dems strip out the last $229 million from the state emergency fund.

Yeah. That REALLY "cut spending."

This colossal waste of political skin went so far as to tell the Columbian:
“Not once have you heard me criticize Brian Baird’s performance in Southwest Washington.”
You'd think if she was so proud of such an idiotic pronouncement, she'd brag about THAT in this statement as well.

She stupidly forgot that Washington STATE'S spending, that SHE HELPED, is hurting us as well. But that didn't stop her from engaging in it... along with the dems that she can't seem to find a way to criticize.

When she calls herself an "independent voice," such a lie is obvious to a blind man. She will do, absolutely and unhesitatingly, whatever she's told to do by her puppet master, McMorris.

If, God forbid, she manages to get elected, she ought to have "(NP -McMorris Rogers)" after her name.

A massive waste of words from a massive waste of time.

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