Monday, July 12, 2010

Why did Herrera lie to the Vancouver Business Journal?

Besides the fact that Herrera is an SEIU sell out and a massive spender (Helping the dems blow the last $229 million for no reason that makes any sense to a conservative) when combined with her more moronic hero-worship of Brian Baird:
“Not once have you heard me criticize Brian Baird’s performance in Southwest Washington,” she told the editorial board. “Linda Smith and Baird both have an independent streak.”
Herrera has, apparently, fooled the Vancouver Business Journal into actually believing she had any intent of running in this election before Baird bailed out. In a recent article, the writer incorrectly indicated this:
For Republican Third Congressional candidates Jaime Herrera and David Castillo, the race began in earnest even before Baird made the announcement Dec. 9 that he would retire after the completion of his sixth term in the House of Representatives later this year.
While an accurate assessment of Castillo's position... and also of Hedrick, both of whom announced before Baird withdrew, Ridgefield Barbie had no more intent to run for Congress this time around then she did to fly to Mars.

Yet the reporter (also the managing editor) responded with this when I pointed out the Herrera fallacy:

In our interview with Herrera, it was clear that she was seriously considering a run for the seat well before Baird announced his retirement.

Well, in reality, what was clear is that Herrera... again... lied.

Had Baird stayed in, no one except the poor schleps like me stuck with her in the 18th would have ever heard of this waste of political skin.

Herrera had done nothing about running for Congress. She may have FANTASIZED about it, but other then lying that she had been "recruited" by the NRCC to run against Baird (In reality, sources tell me that DeBolt was the one being recruited) nothing had been done to entice this pretender into running for anything. But let's remember: the cardboard cutout started out lying to the county commissioners during the appointment process when she babbled to them that
"Every step I have taken since high school has been preparing me for this," she said at Thursday's hearing, her voice cracking slightly. "There is not a job in the world I would rather have."
SO what's another lie to the Vancouver Business Journal?

Gee... I don't know... did her multiple short term internships, her failure to work in the private sector, her ten year absence from this area, her complete lack of knowledge about local issues.... did that REALLY "prepare" her for "this?"

And here we are, just 2.5 years later, and she obviously decided that, well, yeah, in fact, there WAS another "job in the world" she would rather have.

Those who appointed Ridgefield Babs to this position either didn't know... or didn't care... what monumental tools they were... and how badly they were used.

But then, that WAS the deal my brother-in-law set up with McMorris, wasn't it?

So, when she got the job, she lied to us; and then to dampen the "opportunist" fire, she lied to the VBJ... when the reality is that her complete lack of preparation, either before or after Baird's announcement, clearly shows that she had no such intention of running before Baird bailed.

But then, given her record, "lying" seems to be what Babs is best at.

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  1. Jaime can say what she will, her jumping in before the ink even had a chance to dry on Baird's announcement, less than 2 hours as noted in the Seattle P.I. and in Politico, then saying she was only thinking about it, only 2 days later to say she is in, speaks for itself.

    Maybe this is just another one of Jaime's "outlier" moments.


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