Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Herrera sells us out again: one of 7 Republicans to support Reid's scam plan.

I knew before I looked what Ridgefield Barbie's vote on this issue would be... but I looked it up anyway.

Yup.... there she is, our own re-re congress-critter, selling us out, and selling out her caucus in the US House, just like she sold us out on her SEIU legislation and the democrat rape of our state emergency fund during her last, horrific, year in Olympia.

One of a total of 7 Republicans (Or alleged Republicans) to vote to screw us.

Well done, you simple idiot. I bet McMorris and Boldt are proud, since they created you.

Here's the democratian wearing out another pair of knee pads in front of Ridgefield Barbie with their cut and paste, press release version of "journalism."

Herrera Beutler votes for payroll tax cut.

By Paris Achen

Columbian Staff Reporter

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, was one of seven Republicans who split with their party and voted Tuesday for a payroll tax cut extension.

Her spokesman, Casey Bowman, said the motion was, in fact, to reject the Senate-approved bill to extend the tax cut for two months, and Herrera Beutler and six other Republicans voted against that.

Herrera Beutler released the following statement on her vote:

“I support continuing the payroll tax cut, extending unemployment insurance and making sure Medicare patients have access to the medical care they need. I had hoped the Senate would have agreed that a year extension is better than 2 months. But I know that families in Southwest Washington are struggling to make ends meet, and I wanted to eliminate any of their fear that this relief wouldn’t be in place January 1.”

The headline is misleading... but what else is new?

Other headlines that could have been used:

Barbie votes with democrats... again.

Short-sighted Herrera sells us all out.... again.

Clueless idiot votes against her own caucus... again.

Any of those would have been more accurate.

I especially like this:

"...I wanted to eliminate any of their fear that this relief wouldn’t be in place January 1.”

Let me complete the sentence:

"Instead, I wanted them to be terrified on March 1."


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