Tuesday, December 27, 2011

When US House Republicans get stupid.... again

It wasn't that long ago that I've forgotten the idiocy of the House effort to shut down government when Gingrich was the speaker.

It's not that the effort was idiotic. It was that when you commit to an outcome, you have to have the testicular fortitude to see it through. Gingrich, of course, did not. And the GOP suffered as a result.

Fast forward to today.

The same thing applied to this most recent fight: Boehner and House leadership SHOULD have had the balls to see this through. The leftists generally and Obama particularly counted on Republican cowardice... and they weren't disappointed.
If you do not have the will to see this through.... then why the hell are you even trying it?

Now our own local congressional coward, Ridgefield Barbie, voted with the democrats to screw us... but then, that's what our empty-suited bimbette does.

Well that, and her cowardice exhibited with her lack of guts to face her constituency... unless they bring a check book.

So, what do we have to show for this garbage? Reid and Obama kicked our collective faces in on this deal, with Bab's help, of course, and we're all going to suffer for it.

Well done, idiots.

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