Saturday, May 7, 2011

The sad truth: what federal politicians don't want you to know.

The following is sad... but true.

Doing what must be done would require a level of courage essentially unknown in government... can you even begin to imagine the gutless, cardboard cut out of a congresswoman we're cursed with representing us in Congress actually standing up for something... actually believing in something enough to risk her career for it?

Hell, no. With Ridgefield Barbie, it's ALWAYS been about her. And cowardice of all varieties is what we're going to have to show for it.

Several weeks ago, I asked the question: A fiscal tsunami is coming: when is Congress going to act?

There was hope... now rapidly dwindling... that the Ryan Plan might begin to address the issues.

At some point, we WILL have to address the problems we all know are coming.

It's just a matter of when... and how. But as each day goes by, our options become fewer and fewer.

Here's an explanation that tells the truth. It's a truth we don't like to hear. It's a truth we don't want to talk about. At the end of the day, though, our options remain unchanged: We can talk about it now, or when our economy finishes the slow-motion train wreck that our government has put into motion.

Our only hope is for a wave of Allen Wests to be elected... men and women of proven valor and sacrifice.

It's our call. Just don't expect anything out of the Ridgefield Barbies infesting the place and selling us out with their lack of guts because they fear they might not get re-elected.

What Politicians Do Not Want You to Know!

by Tim Cox

Politicians do not want you to know they cannot solve the problems in Washington.

They know it, and they hope you won’t figure it out.

Politicians cannot make the changes that are required to turn things around. They cannot balance the budget. They don’t even talk about repaying the $15 trillion we owe. We can bang our head against a brick wall again and again, and it will always hurt. We can send politicians to Washington election after election, and they will always fail. Or we can tell them to Get Out Of Our House ( our House of Representatives).

Politicians have created a political catch-22 from which they cannot escape. The two-party system prevents them from doing what must be done. It forces them to make promises they cannot keep. If one party tries to cut spending the “other” will use it against them. If we continue down this path, our nation will fail.

The solution is to elect leaders who do not care about getting re-elected, do not care about keeping their party in power, and do not care about rewarding those who funded their campaign. We have a way to make this happen.

Consider this point carefully: politicians cannot afford to alienate voters. If they do, they cede power to the other party.

Politicians will not pass the 28th amendment to balance the budget that has been circulating for years because it would reduce their power.

They will not pass a Fair or Flat tax because it eliminates their ability to reward special interest groups.

They will not abolish organizations like the Department of Education because they do not want to alienate teacher unions.

They will not seal the borders because they fear offending Hispanics.

They will not reform campaign financing because they need millions of dollars to get re-elected.

They will not cut spending because it will cost votes.

Politicians cannot, will not, do what must be done.

Both parties claim spending cuts will harm the economy, but what has increased spending accomplished? Each party has championed massive bailouts, yet the situation has only deteriorated. The two sides are gridlocked over $60 billion of cuts in a $3.5 trillion budget; that’s like a dieter debating whether or not to eat the last two M&M’s in a one pound bag!

Why do we keep sending the same people to Washington? 94% of the politicians in the U.S. House of Representatives will again be re-elected if we do not do something different. Thousands of us, with your communities united, have a solution.

Our members will be choosing a candidate to compete in each congressional district in 2012. For the first time ever, Americans will have an honest chance to replace the entrenched politicians.

Please get everyone you can to join our movement and elect true representatives of the people who will do the work that must be done.

You no longer need be a millionaire to get elected. We all will pick the best of our own communities and fund them to win.

This process will guarantee accountability to the PEOPLE who elect them and none others.

No special interests. No lobbyist money. No party money.

If you are willing to help lead the effort in your locale, please Email your reply with this information:

1. Your name
2. Your contact information
3. Your state and congressional district.

In Liberty,

Tim Cox
Crossposted at Clark County Politics.

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