Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is Herrera paying attention?

I will never forget Jaime Herrera standing there, telling me at the Red Lion at the Quay that her going to school, her multiple internships of a few weeks duration, her 10 year long absence from the area was "the same thing as serving in the military."

I knew, at that second, that Barbie was unfit to serve in elective office, because anyone who felt that way was a clueless moron.

After the UBL hit, I've got to wonder... what was her take? And does she still feel the same way?

Unfortunately (Or perhaps, fortunately) we don't know, because, well, she hasn't deigned to tell us.

Some might say that her silence is golden. I believe it to be part of her continuing pattern of cowardice based on her ongoing, multiple failures to take any position on any of the major issues confronting us that don't sound like they were cranked out by the House GOP talking point shop.

What's strangest for me is that about every other elected official, including those like Babs who never felt highly enough about their country to serve it in uniform, down to the moronic at the city counsel level seems to have weighed in.

But not our congresscritter.

Why am I not surprised?

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