Friday, May 13, 2011

Ridgefield Barbie's non-position on the loot rail vote scam.

Courage is a rare commodity in elected officials. Unfortunately for us, our member of Congress is not possessed of that particular virtue. As a template, I defer to the Warrior Congressman, Allen West (R FL22) who speaks his mind with an uncommon level of fearlessness that we could only dream that our particular cardboard cutout of a member of Congress could emulate... at least to some degree.

(Just as a side note, has anyone heard Babs' take on the bin Laden mission?)

So the rag, in it's own cutesy way, published a little something in their rarely read (hell, the entire newspaper is rarely read, as far as that goes) political blog where non facts go to die and where they tell us that Babs is on Steve "The Liar" Stuart's side when it comes to requiring the county wide vote that Stuart lied to us about in his last campaign.


Six years on legislative staff conditioned me to ferret our bullshit whenever it crossed my desk. And Herrera's bogus letter reeks.

Of course, when local legislators tried to get the attention of slimeballs like The Liar Leavitt and The Liar Stuart, the result was for those arrogant pricks to publicly fire back in despicable ways that served to prove that they didn't give a damn what the people thought or wanted.

The letter is utter nonsense because it fails to task these clowns with any requirement, or to provide consequences should they fail to act... as they will fail to act, in the way Babs wants them to. But that's happened before. And if it happens again, well, she's established something of a pattern, eh?

The whole point of the letter is to make people BELIEVE she cares and wants a vote... when in reality, she doesn't.

Because if she DID care, she would have written a variation of something like this:
“Dear C-Tran Board Members,
I would like to communicate my firm opposition to any tolls on this project and pledge to you now that unless there is a binding, county wide vote, I will kill the funding for all of this in Congress.
Love, Jaime.”
Anything else... which means EVERYTHING else, is eyewash, smoke and mirrors.

Teddy Roosevelt told us that there was more to it then "walking softly." And as I knew years ago, she never had, and could never use, the big stick. Which is why, while letters get written like that (as if SHE ever wrote anything like that), letter writing is all that happens.

So far, that kind of garbage confuses the voters... and the rag... into actually thinking she cares and is on their side when, in fact, she is neither.

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