Saturday, April 16, 2011

So, for Herrera, it's not about right or wrong, but it is, instead, about her.

As Ridgefield Barbie again tap danced about screwing the people of this country in Congress like she screwed us in the legislature, and again missing the point with her vote for the Ryan Bill, having voted "no" on the even more conservative and cutting Republican Study Group alternative to that bill, we get this nugget from our own version of the empty suit:
• She supported the continuing budget resolution the House and Senate passed Thursday to keep the federal government running through Oct. 1 even though it didn’t cut spending as deeply as she had hoped.
“Would I have liked more? Absolutely,” she said. “I voted yes on principle. I got to take part in the largest actual (federal budget) cut since World War II.”
With her, it's never about doing what's right or best. Instead, it's about what SHE gets to do.

She said so herself... right here. And, as is typical for whatever drives her votes... she is naturally flat wrong.

The details are here:
Likewise, there was a sharp decline in spending after World War II. Beginning in 1946, Congress cut spending for three straight fiscal years. The biggest drop occurred in 1946, when spending dropped by $37.5 billion or about 40 percent (from $92.7 billion to $55.2 billion). That $37.5 billion would be worth $425.4 billion in today’s dollars — making it the largest cut in adjusted dollars.
This year’s proposed cut is not even bigger than the reduction in spending that occurred last year, when total spending declined $61.5 billion, or 1.7 percent, after the infusion of stimulus money started to dry up. The biggest drop in spending prior to 2010 occurred in 1955, when total spending fell $2.4 billion or 3.4 percent.
To check this claim, we turned to OMB’s historical tables for non-defense spending (Table 6.1). We found that actual spending declined by about $94 billion, from $2.86 trillion in 2009 (which included funds for the stimulus bill) to $2.76 trillion in 2010. That’s much larger than the current budget cut, which totals $38.5 billion. Based on those figures, Rogers (And, typically, Herrera) are way off.
Unfortunately, Herrera's votes have frequently been ego-driven, self-serving pap, like her support and co-sponsorship of SEIU legislation and helping the democrats strip out the last $229 million from the state emergency fund... and her moronic vote, along with a single other Republican, to continue the non-functioning Obama Mortgage Failure Savior Bill Bill in Congress a few weeks ago.

Herrera is living up to her failure to find reason to criticize her predecessor, Brian Baird. To date, it has been the typically pathetic and vacuous performance we've come to expect based on her history at the government trough, her miserable tenure in the State House where she accomplished absolutely nothing and her sure to be equally miserable tenure in Congress, which will hopefully end in January of 2013.

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  1. After her vote to APPROVE getting rid of Medicare, I am equally happy to consider her tenure in Congress a VERY short one. But unfortunately for all of us, two years is too long.

    I wonder how happy she will be if and when her mother and father find themselves with no medical insurance and no money to pay for a doctor. I wonder how fast she will vote to re-instate medicare.


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