Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Question for Ridgefield Barbie: What's your vote on raising the blank check... I mean, the debt ceiling?

As anyone watching would expect, your unfortunate tenure as our representative in Congress has been a reflection of your worthless tenure as our representative in the state house.

Voting with the democrats in support of a non-working, worthless program that has destroyed the credit of tens of thousands while helping practically no one... one of only two in the GOP to go that route. Your failure to take positions on the major issues of the day... your lies about the utterly worthless budget cut... and now?

You total lack of a position on raising the debt ceiling.

I'm opposed to raising it, because, of course, raising a so-called debt ceiling just makes such a ceiling worthless.

But you? I'd lay odds that you're going to go along with the establishment GOP'ers and just vote to raise it like the rest of the sheep, because if you ever had an original thought it's long since Linkdied of loneliness.

You've sold us out before. You'll sell us out again.

So, what's your position on this issue?

As if we didn't already know, your silence notwithstanding?

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